Jumblatt after meeting Aoun: This is the end of the reconciliation process


Progressive socialist Part leader MP Walid Jumblatt announced at the end of his long-awaited reunion with Free Patriotic Movement leader MP Michel Aoun that their meeting brings the reconciliation process to an end.

“Enough is enough. My meeting with Aoun brings the reconciliation process to an end,” Jumblatt told reporters from Rabieyh at the end of his hour-long meeting with Aoun.

The meeting is in the interest of the country and the nation and national unity and is not directed against anyone,” Jumblatt said during a joint press conference with Aoun

Jumblatt said the issue of the displaced people was the focal point of discussions.

“The return by itself is not sufficient as the mountain needs to be developed in order for its people to be able to return,” Aoun said.

Jumblatt denied any knowledge about a meeting with his foe former President Emile Lahoud.

The pro-Syrian newspapers have been reporting that Jumblatt’s road to Syria is through Baabdat, Lahoud’s ‘s home town