France will expand list of risky countries to 30 from 7


Passengers traveling on flights into France from a newly expanded list of 30 countries may be facing similar measures to those of the US …They will undergo extra security screening at airports. Currently France has 7 countries on its list but French Interior Minister Brice Hortefeux is reportedly seeking to add another 23 countries .

“This is not about stigmatizing the countries concerned, but we have to bear in mind the transit points of extremist Islamist networks,” Hortefeux said.

The current list contains 7 countries : Syria, Iran, Yemen, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Algeria and Mali.

In Lebanon many are concerned that France may follow US lead and add Lebanon to its list

The US decided on the new security measures following the attempted Christmas Day bombing of a Northwest Airlines plane heading from Amsterdam to Detroit which has forced many airports and airlines to increase already tight security.