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All along Hezbollah has been linking its arms to the liberation of Lebanese territories occupied by Israel namely Shebaa farms and Kfar Shouba hills , but today former minister Wiam Wahhab linked the Hezbollah arms to the solution of Palestinian naturalization.

“The issue of the Resistance’s arms will only be resolved after the issue of Palestinian naturalization in Lebanon is settled.” He added : UN Security Council Resolution 1559 is disastrous for Lebanon.”

UN Security council resolution calls for disarming all the militia and the Palestinians outside the camps in Lebanon…in addition to the withdrawal of Syrian troops from Lebanon. Ever since Syria was forced to withdraw from Lebanon it has been pushing for the annulling of the resolution and for the dismissal of UN envoy Terje Roed-Larsen who administers this resolution. Since the Palestinians who are loyal to Syria continue to hold onto their arms in their bases that are located outside the camps (such as PFLP-GC, which is headed by former Syrian captain Ahmad Jibril) and since Hezbollah continues to hold onto its arms 1559 remains a very active resolution because it has not been implemented so far.

If Wahab’s statement is correct then Hezbollah is holding onto its arms to make sure the Sunnis do not outnumber the Shiites in Lebanon …most of the Palestinians in Lebanon are Sunni Muslims and once naturalized the Sunnis will become the majority in Lebanon.

Wahab’s statement confirms why Hezbollah ally General Michel Aoun continues to bring out the issue of Palestinian naturalization .

In other words is Hezbollah using the liberation of south Lebanon just as an excuse ?

The Lebanese are dead against the naturalization of the Palestinians and the Palestinians don’t want to be naturalized either …they want to return to their homeland what is the big fuss?

Everyone knows the issue of the return of the Palestinians to their homeland could take years to resolve …this means Hezbollah could hold onto its arms forever and Hezbollah chief Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah could continue to act as the supreme leader of Lebanon

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