MTV : A car bomb explosion south of Beirut- Update 3


MTV security sources : A car bomb explosion took place in the Dhahiya, a suburb south of Beirut . This area is a stronghold of Hezbollah .

New TV also reported about the explosion calling it “mysterious ” and said one person was injured

Update 1 :

There were are conflicting about how many people were injured

. The most recent report stated that at least 2 people were injured and another unconfirmed report stated that one may have been killed

. Initial investigation reports say the explosion was targeting a Hamas leader. Al Arabiyah reported that the car that exploded was parked in front of Abu Imad al Rifaai , a Hamas leader ”

.Lebanon Files reported that the explosion was caused by 3 interconnected bombs and placed underneath the car

.Lebanese officials says Hezbollah has sealed off the area of the explosion in the southern suburb of Haret Hreik , Dhahiya on Saturday, making it difficult to determine the cause of the explosion.

Update 2

Hamas has reportedly stated that Ali Baraka , who is one of the injured may have been the target of the explosion

Update 3

Al Arabiyah :Hezbollah elements were trying to dismantle the explosive devices in Haret Hreik when they exploded, killing two of them.

Hamas denied that that the explosion targeted Al baraka



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