Lebanese harmed by Jumblatt’s visit to Syria are delaying his trip


Al-Hayat newspaper reported on Saturday that a well-informed source told it that Prime Minister Saad Hariri discussed with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad Progressive Socialist Party MP Walid Jumblatt’s relationship with Damascus during the PM’s trip to Syria last week.

The source said that Hariri briefed Jumblatt on his talks with Assad last Sunday imnmediately after returning from Damascus and that what was discussed during the Jumblatt-Hariri meeting remains a secret.

“Some Lebanese, who are harmed by Jumblatt’s visit to Syria, aim to delay his trip,” the source said.

The Syrian media has been speculating about the Syrian demands including a condition that Jumblatt should publicly apologize to Syria and should visit his foe ,former President Emile Lahoud at his residence in Baabda . One such paper Al Akhbar proclaimed yesterday that the road to Damascus goes through Baabdat