Iran blames US for Climate Change in Copenhagen


Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad lashed the United States on Thursday at the UN climate talks in Copenhagen as an oil-addicted warmonger and insisted every nation have access to “clean and renewable energy sources”, including nuclear.

“All countries must gain access to new technologies to diversify their energy sources and be able to use clean and renewable energy such as wind, solar, sea tide, geothermal and nuclear energies,” Ahmadinejad said.

He added that oil has constituted the basic and strategic components of US security foreign policy, adding that oil-rich regions of the world became the theatres of wars and military adventurism that led to foreign domination on their energy resources.

The US, he said, gobbled up a quarter of the world’s oil and energy supplies yet had only five percent of the world’s population.

The attack was centerpiece of an argument, whereby Ahmadinejad declared that climate change was caused by capitalism and the rush to exploit cheap and plentiful fossil fuels.

Among solutions, he said “all countries” should be able to gain access to nuclear power to help ease the greenhouse-gas emissions that stoke global warming.

Source: Now Lebanon



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