MP Hamadeh critcizes Syrian judicial system calls it a ‘scam’


Democratic Gathering bloc MP and former minister Marwan Hamadeh told Voice of Lebanon radio station on Sunday that he is concerned about Lebanon as a whole, not the failure or success of its cabinet. He is concerned that Israel could strike a regional or international deal at the expense of Lebanon . He is also concerned that the Lebanese people will increase divisions among themselves through the use of arms .

Hamadeh , who miraculously survived an assassination attempt in 2004 for which Syria was blamed criticized the Syrian judicial system, calling it a scam.

He was referring to the warrants issued to 25 key Lebanese officials by a Syrian court in the case of the lawsuit by former General Security Director Jamil As-Sayyed

Sayyed who was one of the suspects in the assassination of former PM Rafik Hariri was released from jail last June for lack of insufficient evidence