March 14 General Secretariat: Hezbollah platform challenges ‘Arab interests’ & shows that Iran is its’primary reference’


March 14 General Secretariat issued a statement criticizing Hezbollah’s political platform announced on Monday— which calls for eliminating political sectarianism and a national defense strategy of the Resistance defending Lebanon alongside the country’s army—saying that Hezbollah is usurping the role of the army and “categorizing” the Lebanese.

“The platform categorizes the Lebanese between a group worthy of defending the country and another group that does not deserve the honor to protect itself, and is left to follow the first group,” it stated.

The statement added that the platform contradicts the Taif Agreement, which gives the state the right to liberate occupied lands. It also said that Hezbollah’s visions in the platform reflect its will to place conditions on the state and to obstruct the constitution under the banner of “consociate democracy” rather than “parliamentary democracy.”

The statement said that the platform challenges “Arab interests” and shows that Iran is Hezbollah’s “primary reference.” Source: Now Lebanon