Iran polls dealt a blow to the credibility of the regime


Al-Hayat : “Iran’s supporters in the region were wagering before and during the elections that the Islamic state would teach the world a lesson in democracy and present a model of Islamist rule. “They have lost their wager, and certainly Islamists in Arab countries who aspire to participate in the political game and come to power have lost the most.” “The truth of the matter is that revolutionary movements that establish a new legitimacy from illegitimacy carry early on fertile seeds for its demise.”

Many Arabs, to be sure, never bought into the Iranian mystique, and their indifference or even hostility toward the regime in Tehran has only solidified since Ahmadinejad’s disputed landslide victory.

Ahmadinejad has been accused of causing trouble for the whole region, here in Lebanon with Hezbollah, and meddling with the Palestinians.



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