Women named to the Saudi Shura council for first time

King Abdullah in Abdul Aziz of Saudi Arabia issued Friday a historic decree allowing women to be members of in the kingdom’s previously all-male Shura Council for the first time. Soon after his decree which amended an article in the council’s statute introducing a 20 percent quota for women in the country’s 150-member Shura Council, […]

Women, music, singing and dancing banned from Saudi reality show

A Saudi city known for its ultra-conservatism has created its own version of the “Arabs Got Talent” television reality show, but with no music and women banned from taking part. Instead, competitors will be permitted to perform religious chants, recite poems and engage in sports events.

Kafa fighting to protect women from rape and abuse in Lebanon

For 25 years Sahar has been living in fear. From the beginning of her relationship with her husband, she knew something was very wrong. He was intensely jealous, self-centred and would lash out at her for no apparent reason. He and her family refused to let her end the relationship, however. She felt trapped and […]