Narrow Win For Obama in Presidential Debate, poll

After a poor performance in the first presidential debate two weeks ago, President Barack Obama came back strong in the second one, winning perceived victories over Mitt Romney in two instant-reaction polls — one of debate-watching registered voters, the other of debate-watchers who went into the debate uncommitted to either candidate.

Gaddafi threatens with civil war as security forces switch sides [Video]

At least 60 people were killed in clashes in Tripoli on Monday as anti-government protests that began in eastern Libya spread to the capital. The protests appeared to be gathering momentum, with demonstrators saying they had taken control of several key towns in the country. “Libya is at a crossroads. If we do not agree […]

Report: Gaddafi kills soldiers unwilling to shoot Libyan protesters [Video]

More than 230 people have been killed in clashes in Libya as anti-government protesters rallied in Tripoli’s streets, and tribal leaders spoke out against Gaddafi. Libyan leader Moammar Gaddafi reportedly ordered the murder of his own soldiers, who were tied up & set on fire for refusing to kill their own people. Warning: The following […]