The Emperror Has No Clothes

by Ghassan Karam Where is the outrage? Where are the Lebanese that should be demonstrating in the streets their dissatisfaction of living by the law of the jungle, of being ruled by vigilantes and of being assassinated whenever they dare to stand up to the truth. If the stands of Rafic Hariri, Samir Kasir, Pierre […]

Syrian regime ‘will use chemical weapons as last resort’

The Syrian regime plans to deploy chemical weapons against its own people “as a last resort”, the former head of Syria’s chemical arsenal has said in an interview with a British newspaper. Major-General Adnan Sillu said he defected from the Syrian army three months ago after being party to top-levels talks about the use of […]

Syria’s regime is finished – do not mourn its passing

When a dictatorship cannot regain control over a country in revolt for 18 months despite repeated offensives and has to pull troops from its borders , it is finished.

EU tells Syrian regime: No more caviar or fancy shoes

The European Union sent a message Friday to the Syrian regime, which stands accused of killing thousands of its own citizens: No more caviar, fancy shoes or primo cigars for you until the violence stops. The European Council says a ban will begin Sunday on exporting to Syria some luxury items