U.S.:In Event of WMD Attack, ‘All Bets Are Off’

The Obama administration’s nuclear posture review may have removed some of the intentional ambiguity from U.S. nuclear policy, but it does not leave the country any less safe, President Obama’s top national security advisers said on CBS’ “Face the Nation.” In fact, they said, it gives a clear warning to other state actors that the […]

North Korea detains another American

North Korea notified the U.S. that it has another American in custody for allegedly entering the country illegally, the State Department announced Friday. State Department spokesman P.J. Crowley said the North Koreans, in a bare-bones message through their representative at U.N. headquarters in New York, provided no identifying information about the detainee, including the name […]

Seized North Korean arms were Iran-bound: report

A plane loaded with weapons from North Korea that was recently impounded in Bangkok was bound for Iran, according to documents obtained by arms-trafficking experts. The flight plan of the Ilyushin-76, obtained by researchers in the U.S. and Belgium, shows that after Bangkok the plane was due to make refueling stops in Sri Lanka, the […]

North Korea arms plane linked to 2 East European arms traffickers

The weapons laden plane seized in Bangkok en route from North Korea at the weekend has been linked to two renowned East European arms traffickers by a respected Swedish think tank in the latest twist in the mysterious saga. The Ilyushin-76 aircraft, which was found to be carrying 35 tons of weapons including rockets and […]

Thailand seizes North Korea plane carrying smuggled arms seized in Thailand

A lethal cargo of rocket launchers, grenades and other weapons seized in Thailand at the weekend may be just a glimpse of what US and UN investigators say is a global North Korean illegal arms smuggling network used to finance its proscribed nuclear weapons programme. Authorities in Bangkok said today it was unclear where the […]