More Palestinians were killed, wounded by Israeli troops in fresh Gaza border protests

At least three Palestinians were killed and dozens were reported wounded as hundreds converged on the Gaza Strip’s border fence with Israel on Friday, trying to rip through it before drawing heavy Israeli fire. Palestinian health officials reported three people killed and 611 wounded, including 138 hit by live fire in incidents along the border […]

Prominent Lawyer burns himself to death in New York City in ” protest suicide”

A prominent lawyer known for his impassioned advocacy for LGBT rights and environmental issues doused himself with an accelerant and burned himself to death in a New York City park on Saturday to protest ecological destruction caused by fossil fuels. The charred body of David Buckel was discovered by police officers, who were initially dispatched […]

What we know about the Syria strikes

By James Griffiths, The US, UK and France coordinated to launch strikes against targets within Syria in response to an alleged chemical weapons attack by the regime of President Bashar al-Assad. Who was involved? US officials at a Pentagon briefing Friday described the strikes as a joint operation consisting of British, American and French forces. […]

Israel scraps new relocation deal for African migrants

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Monday he was suspending a new agreement with the U.N. refugee agency to relocate thousands of African migrants, as right-wing pressure mounted on him to scrap the deal. Hours after announcing the new arrangement, which would also give thousands of other migrants the right to stay in Israel, […]

Erdogan calls Netanyahu ‘terrorist’ and ‘ invader’ after Gaza deaths

ISTANBUL – Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan called his Israeli counterpart Benjamin Netanyahu a “terrorist” on Sunday, escalating an exchange of insults that started after he criticized Israel’s lethal military response to a demonstration on the Gazan border. Israel has defended the killing of 15 Palestinians during Friday’s demonstration and Netanyahu tweeted that the Israeli army […]