What to expect from the Lebanese parliament in 2018

Annahar  reported that observers expect  numerous draft laws are going to be reviewed  by relevant parliamentary committees in 2018 . The main focus will be:. BANNING UNDERAGE MARRIAGE Lebanon is expected to soon ban under-age marriage, an important step in efforts to promote human rights after Parliament abolished in 2017 a law that allowed rapists to avoid prison […]

Lebanese foreign minister blasted over Israel comments

Lebanese politicians on Thursday criticized Foreign Minister Gebran Bassil over a television interview in which he was shown saying that Lebanon did not have an ideological problem with Israel and was not against it having security. The comments, made to al-Mayadin television channel during a long interview on Tuesday, had just started attracting attention. Lebanon […]

Rifi accuses Basil of corruption and holds him responsible for theft of $26 billion

Former justice minister Maj. Gen. Ashraf Rifi  accused on Monday  Foreign Minister Jebran Bassil  of corruption and of   being “responsible for the theft of $26 billion.” “The spoiled child and wonderkid Minister Jebran Bassil is boasting and acting as if he’s done us a favor by inaugurating an electrical substation in Tripoli which took seven years […]

How Saudi effort to orchestrate Hariri’s fall failed and backfired

Lebanon’s prime minister, Saad Hariri, was summoned at 8:30 a.m. to the Saudi royal offices — unseemly early, by the kingdom’s standards — on the second day of a visit that was already far from what he had expected. Mr. Hariri, long an ally of the Saudis, dressed that morning in jeans and a T-shirt, […]

Mother of Uber driver accused of murdering Ms Dykes, says he ‘belongs behind bars’ if guilty

By Camilla Turner The mother of an Uber driver accused of murdering a British embassy worker in Beirut has said her son belongs “behind bars” if he is found guilty. Tarek Houchiye was arrested last week over the murder of 30-year-old  Rebecca Dykes, who had been working for the Department of International Development. She was found […]

Beirut activists hold vigil in tribute to murdered women

Dozens of people gathered outside Beirut’s national museum on Saturday evening to light candles for a British woman and three Arab women murdered in the past week in Lebanon. The killing of the British embassy worker Rebecca Dykes last week has sparked extensive media coverage in Lebanon, prompting activists to press for more attention to […]

Best time to invest in Lebanon, says Hariri

Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri declared Thursday that “this is the best time to invest in Lebanon,” after the Lebanese showed “wisdom” during the November political crisis. “This is the best time to invest in Lebanon because, thanks to this political stability and security in our country, we have been able to establish that the […]

Bassil trying to extend deadline for Lebanese expats to register to vote in upcoming elections

Lebanon Foreign Minister Gebran Bassil reportedly submitted on Friday a draft law to extend the deadline for Lebanese expats to register their names in order to vote in the country’s’ parliamentary elections slated in May 2018. “I have presented a draft law to the government asking for the extension of the deadline set for Lebanese […]