Maduro is short of friends and increasingly isolated as Venezuela crisis rages

President Nicolas Maduro is facing growing, deadly unrest across Venezuela. Amid the country’s deepening economic and political crisis, the leftist leader is also increasingly isolated within the region. Violent confrontations between protesters and police have gripped the oil-rich nation for the past month, leaving up to 25 people dead, including four on Monday and Tuesday. […]

US “deeply concerned” after Turkish warplanes bombed its Kurdish allies in Iraq, Syria

Turkish warplanes bombed Kurdish fighters in Iraq and Syria on Tuesday in an unusually intense operation that presented a new complication for the United States’ military campaign against the Islamic State. The Turkish military’s targets included the Y.P.G., a Kurdish militia that has played an important role in the American-backed operations in Syria against the […]

Hezbollah rejects PSP’s proposed electoral law

A four-party meeting that was held at the Center House Sunday evening failed to reach a deal on a new electoral law for Lebanon’s parliamentary polls, as Hezbollah party rejected the electoral law proposed by the Progressive Socialist Party,Lebanese media reported on Tuesday. “The meeting was held in the presence of Prime Minister Saad Hariri, […]

Hezbollah may quit border posts to bolster Assad in Syria

By Nicholas Blanford, The Arab Weekly Hezbollah is expected to hand over a chain of hilltop military bases along Lebanon’s border with Syria to the Leba­nese Army, potentially freeing up hundreds of fighters for combat in Syria, including Hama province where the Iranian-backed Party of God is heavily engaged in pushing back a rebel offensive. […]

Lebanese Orthodox prelate confident that kidnapped bishops remain alive

A Syriac Orthodox bishop in Lebanon has expressed confidence that two Orthodox prelates who were kidnapped in Syria in 2013 are still alive, despite a lack of information about their whereabouts. Syriac Orthodox Archbishop Gregorios Youhanna Ibrahim and his Greek Orthodox counterpart, Boulos Yazigi, were seized by rebels in Syria in April 2013, while traveling […]