Saudi Arabia pledged to support indebted Lebanon, say ex-PMs after meeting king Salman

Saudi Arabia is preparing to support Lebanon through its economic challenges, three Lebanese ex-premiers indicated after meeting Saudi King Salman in Jeddah on Monday. After years of backsliding, heavily indebted Lebanon faces financial crisis without economic reforms to put public finances on a sustainable footing, its leaders say. Parliament is due to vote this week […]

Britain’s Top Diplomat: Iran Nuclear Deal Can be Saved

British Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt said Monday that the international deal on Iran’s nuclear program “isn’t dead yet,” and that while the opportunity to find a resolution to the current crisis surrounding the agreement is closing, it is still possible to keep it alive. He spoke ahead of talks with other European Union foreign ministers […]

Trump’s racist attacks against progressive Democratic congresswomen, prompts outcry

President Donald Trump used racist language on Sunday to attack progressive Democratic congresswomen, falsely implying they weren’t natural-born American citizens. Trump did not name who he was attacking in Sunday’s tirade but earlier this week he referenced New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez when the President was defending House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. A group of Democrats, who […]

Trump’s latest tweets cast him as Racist-in-Chief

By EJ Montini Opinion: I grew up among immigrants and their children and grandchildren. In some way, we ALL did. How does the president not grasp that? President Donald Trump managed in a single tweet storm to be racist, xenophobic, misogynistic and ignorant by suggesting that four Democratic congresswomen “go back and help fix the […]

Why people in Lebanon are turning on their politicians

By Jane Ferguson On a sunny afternoon in mid-June, several hundred students and lecturers from the Lebanese University, in Beirut, gathered in a square outside the Prime Minister’s office. Some stood on top of a pickup truck loaded with loudspeakers, leading chants against proposed government budget cuts to the university. “We want to continue our […]

Hezbollah MP denied shooting his ex son-in-law at police station

A leaked police report says a Lebanese lawmaker from the Hezbollah group and a dozen gunmen attempted to storm a police station in  Damour south of Beirut following a family dispute involving a high-speed car chase. Nawaf Musawi’s daughter and her ex-husband were inside the police station Sunday south of Beirut, following the previous night’s car […]

Hezbollah chief sides with Arslan against Jumblatt

Hezbollah chief Hassan Nasrallah  stressed on Friday  that his party “stands by its ally” MP Talal Arslan. As for the relation with Progressive Socialist Party leader Walid Jumblatt: “We did not err against Jumblat; he is the one who started the problem with us when he spoke about the weapons.” , Nasrallah said. He was commenting […]