FPM holds a rally in Hadath, Beirut in support of Bassil and president Aoun

A number of demonstrators from the Free Patriotic Movement gathered in  Hadath, a suburb of Beirut    in support of  President Michel Aoun and   Foreign minister Gebran Bassil . The demonstrators carried FPM  banners and chanted slogans  in support of the regime Aoun is the founder of FPM while his son-in-law Bassil is the current FPM chief. […]

An open letter urging the Lebanese diaspora and International community to support the uprising

Ya Libnan obtained a copy of the following   letter that was addressed to  The Lebanese Diaspora, and  The International Community, urging every member to play a role to strengthen the uprising in Lebanon . For almost a week, the people of Lebanon have been staging an extraordinary revolt against their politicians.Schools, universities and offices have been closed […]

Iraqi security forces killed 149 protesters , injured over 3000 , Government admits

Iraqi security forces killed 149 people and wounded over 3,000 in protests that began Oct. 1, a government-appointed inquiry announced Tuesday. The Iraqi military previously had admitted that its forces had used “excessive force” in attempting to quell protests against government corruption, high unemployment and the lack of basic services such as clean water and […]

Analysis: Iran is losing the Middle East, protests in Lebanon and Iraq show

By Hanin Ghaddar In less than a month, demonstrations against corruption and a lack of economic reform erupted in both Iraq and Lebanon. In both countries, the unprecedented protests, which rocked Shiite towns and cities, have revealed that Iran’s system for exerting influence in the region failed. For the Shiite communities in Iraq and Lebanon, […]

What Trump gets wrong about war against the Islamic State

  By ROBERT BURNS WASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump has made several incorrect or misleading statements about the five-year battle against the Islamic State group as he seeks to end what he calls “endless wars” and explain an abrupt abandonment of America’s Kurdish partners in the face of a Turkish offensive. He has gotten […]

Int’l support group ISG calls on Lebanese officials to meet people’s demands

The International Support Group (ISG) for Lebanon on Tuesday called on Lebanese officials to satisfy the legitimate demands of Lebanese people, Prime Minister Saad Hariri’s office said in a statement. The ISG asked Lebanese officials to work with Lebanese people on finding solutions to their problems without making any announcements that would trigger aggressive practices […]

Lebanon protests: A country feeling reborn

For almost a week, the people of Lebanon have been staging an extraordinary revolt against their politicians. Schools, universities and offices have been closed as hundreds of thousands of demonstrators have poured into Martyrs’ Square in central Beirut and other locations across the country to protest against those who have handsomely profited while steering Lebanon […]

Lebanon ‘sectarian system has entrenched’ the country, students tells FRANCE 24

Lebanese students have joined the general strike as hundreds of thousands step up their five-day protest against the government, to root out systemic corruption. But the young want to end Lebanon’s sectarian politics, FRANCE 24’s reporters say. FRANCE 24’s Nadia Massih, Zohra Ben Miloud and Mohamed Salem spent the day with members of the secular […]

Tele Liban stormed over Its failure to cover protests

Several Lebanese artists, actors and actresses on Tuesday stormed the building of Lebanon’s state-run television in Beirut over its failure to cover the protests that have been rocking the country for the past six days. “The entire world is talking about this historic event. It is unacceptable for the national television to refrain from covering such […]