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Clear progress made in demarcating southern maritime border says Speaker Berri

Lebanon's long-serving parliament speaker Nabih Berri was reelected for sixth term following the May election
Lebanon’s long-serving parliament speaker Nabih Berri

Lebanese parliament Speaker Nabih Berri spoke on Wednesday of clear progress in the issue of demarcating the southern maritime border with Israel. He had held talks on the issue with visiting acting US Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs David Satterfield. The official is in charge of negotiations on this file with Lebanon and Israel

Lebanese MP in hot water over drinking coffee during Ramadan

Rola TabshA Lebanese Muslim parliamentarian faced social media outcry when a photo of hers went viral, in which she is seen drinking coffee during Ramadan while offering condolences on the demise of Cardinal Nasrallah Sfeir. The Sunni Muslim Beirut-born MP Rola Tabsh, a member of Future Movement of Prime Minister Sa’ad Hariri, faced outrage across social media and mainstream media, and the issue became the talking point on news bulletins

Lebanon to ban pricing in foreign currency

Minister of Economy and Trade Mansour Bteish on Friday issued a circular concerning the need to price goods and products in the Lebanese currency. “Pursuant to the laws and regulations in force, in particular Article 5 of the Consumer Protection Law, which stipulates that traders must declare the price in Lebanese pounds in an apparent manner either on the item or on the shelf presented to him,” said the circular.

“Some traders have deliberately announced prices in dollars, contrary to the law, which may create confusion in the financial markets and negatively affect the interest of the consumer. The Ministry of Economy and Trade requested all traders to declare prices in Lebanese pounds and comply with the legal texts in force,” it added.

In Lebanon the pricing off all goods and services is  based on an exchange rate of 1500 LL to the US dollar and consumers can use any of the 2 currencies during transactions

  • Kris Welter

    Rola Tabsh also needs to cover her hair and dress in a less provocative manner. For a Sunni, she is setting a very bad example. As for breaking the Fast of Ramadan by drinking coffee, it is her decision, albeit an unfortunate one, and she will bear the responsibility for it in her own way. Inshallah, she will learn from this and become a better Muslimah in the future. Allahu Alim.

    • Niemals

      That is the problem in Lebanon, the likes of you.
      If there is only Islam is inaccurate.
      In Iran or KSA Islam covers every facet of societal interaction, from politics to finance to religion.
      A state should be separated from religion.
      You are wrong, there is a need for secularism and humanistic forms of government.
      You can’t dictate one to be a better Muslimah, if you still insist it than KSA is the right place for you.

    • Arzna

      MP Rola Tabsh is a grown up lady and therefore she is the only one responsible for her actions and God only can judge her for what she did . The whole issue is between her and God and neither you nor any other individual is entitled to judge her . If you don’t like what she did don’t imitate her and leave her alone

      • Kris Welter

        And when did I judge her? She is obviously not following her religion properly, and it is the responsibility of every Muslim to correct, or advise, another when they are in error. I didn’t condemn her, just noted the improvement she needed to make in her piety and observance of her religious responsibilities.

        It’s amazing how rabid people get over trying to make others look bad.

        As for not judging her….that’s a CHRISTIAN idea. We ALL judge each other, even you in your hairbrained response to what I posted judged me. The story of the adulterous woman in the bible was added in the NINTH century, and is not in the original canons like codex vaticanos and codex sinaiticus. It’s a contrived idea that Jesus never promoted, stated, or put forward. The entire ‘judge not that ye be not judged’…or ‘let he who is without sin cast the first stone’, are later additions to the biblical scripture that have polluted the original intent of Christ’s teachings.

        We are REQUIRED to judge each other, otherwise no one would be held to account for their misdeeds, and anarchy would reign. So, in that light, I judge you a hypocrite, and ignore you.

        • Arzna

          Only God can judge . Humans should not judge others because they they don’t know all the details and circumstances and it is not their business . Are you 100 % sure that pic was not faked ? Lebanese people in general love to intimidate others and according to what I see you are no different

      • Y K

        Krissy boy is a walking self-parody carried over here by hot winds blowing from Iran’s Great Salt Desert.

        If his actual name is “Kris”, I am the Pope’s cousin.