‘No excuse for throwing him to the lions’ says Ecuador’s ex-president of Assange’s arrest

Ex-Ecuadorian president Rafael Correa, who granted Julian Assange asylum in 2012, told FRANCE 24 (video player) that while Assange violated his asylum terms “that’s no excuse for throwing him to the lions.” The dramatic end to his asylum has sparked curiosity about his seven-year stay inside Ecuador’s embassy in London that officials say was marked by skateboarding and harassment of his caretakers. And others agree with the ex-leader. Despite this support, for Ecuador, which prides itself on its hospitality and spent almost $1mn a year protecting Assange, his behaviour was seen been by some as a national insult. “We’ve ended the asylum of this spoiled brat,” President Lenin Moreno said Thursday explaining his decision to withdraw protection of Assange. “From now on we’ll be more careful in giving asylum to people who are really worth it, and not miserable hackers whose only goal is to destabilise governments.”


  • Y K

    Correa is a piece of sh*t and failed wannabe dictator who can get nowhere near his home country. 🙂