Trump mideast peace plan to be unveiled after Israel vote, report

President Donald Trump, left, with senior adviser Jared Kushner
President Donald Trump, left, with senior adviser Jared Kushner

US President Donald Trump’s peace plan for the conflict between Israelis and Palestinians could be announced right after national elections scheduled on April 9 in Israel. However, the president’s special envoy, Jared Kushner, is expected to announce some of its details at an upcoming conference on the Middle East scheduled on February 13-14 in Warsaw.
According to unconfirmed reports, the plan provides for a Palestinian state stretching over 90% of the West Bank with at least part of East Jerusalem as its capital. The plan and its political stance, however, have already been rejected by Palestinian President Abu Mazen and the PLO when Trump last year recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and moved the US embassy there from Tel Aviv. Abu Mazen said at the time that the US could not be considered as ”peace mediators” anymore.

An anonymous source with the Trump administration was quoted as saying by the Times of Israel on Wednesday that the Palestinian position was a ”vestige of talking points from decades ago”.

From the start of his presidency, president  Trump vowed to secure what he calls the “ultimate deal” between Israel and the Palestinians, where generations of U.S. leaders and diplomats have failed. But more than two years into his presidency, Trump and his son-in-law, Jared Kushner—the point man on negotiations—have remained tight-lipped about what their plan entails. The rollout of the plan has reportedly been delayed again until after the upcoming Israeli elections