Christian group accuses Hezbollah of threatening them

Maronite Christian group Lady Mountain Lebanon have accused Hezbollah of threatening them after the latter pushed to cancel a meeting the sect planned to hold in Beirut, Arabi 21 reported on Friday.

The Christian group said that Hezbollah put pressure on the administration of the hotel in Beirut, where the event was slated to take place, pushing it to cancel the event. According to the group, Hezbollah left a threatening message with the administration of the hotel intended for them.

Former MP and current member of Lady Mountain Lebanon, Fares Said, also accused Hezbollah of sending him a personal threat.

The group therefore decided to hold the meeting in a different location, saying it would discuss issues related to freedom of speech in the wake of the incident.

  • master09

    Freedom of speech with HA in Lebanon, not going to happen. Look at Iran as an example.

    • Brent

      Freedom of speech is even less likely to happen with the Future Movement or the Lebanese Forces. Look at Saudi Arabia.

  • Brent

    I wonder if this group also protests the Saudi regime’s kidnapping of Lebanon’s Prime Minister.