Iran accuses Israel of stealing its clouds “Manipulating Weather” to prevent rain

  • Rascal

    No, that would be Allah cursing the Iranian nation. Unless they consider the Israeli as powerful as Gods.
    Of course the Iranians have also said scantily clad women cause earthquakes. Ahh Iranian science at its finest.

  • vs
  • Rascal

    Less Quran and more proper education.

  • Barry

    Maybe Israel is stealing Iran’s education because if this guy is a general…

  • Niemals

    Belgium, France and Germany detained six people over the alleged plan to bomb a weekend rally of the People’s Mujahedeen of Iran (MEK) in the Paris suburb of Villepinte.

    Tehran has dismissed accusations it was behind the plot. In a fresh statement, the foreign ministry said it was the People’s Mujahedeen itself that was behind the “scenario”.

    Iran has accused an exiled opposition group of orchestrating an alleged plot to bomb one of its own rallies near Paris and said a couple arrested in Belgium were actually members of the group.