Russia denies its jets intercepted Israeli fighters in Lebanese airspace


Russia’s military has denied reports that its fighter jets intercepted two Israeli F-16 warplanes, in a statement released Tuesday.

The Russian government affiliate Sputniknews  and Israeli media reported Monday that Russian jets scrambled over Lebanon’s airspace after Israel deployed two of its F-16 fighters  planes.

Russia’s Ministry of Defense confirmed that none of its Russian ” Sukhoi  Su-34 bombers confronted Israeli F-16 fighters in the skies of Lebanon, labelling the reports as “foolish.”

Russian fighter jets intercepted Israeli warplanes over Lebanese airspace early on Monday morning, according to Isareli media

Videos circulated online showed Russian planes flying over Lebanon. The clips, however, did not show any Israeli jets.

The Russian jets may have been participating in a routine training exercise before intercepting the Israeli warplanes, according to Israeli newspaper Hadashot.