US ‘responsible’ for “Gaza massacre”, as Israel says Turkey

55 Palestinians  were killed by Israel and   over  2,000 were  injured on May 14 , the day the United states moved its embassy to Jerusalem
55 Palestinians were killed by Israel and over 2,000 were injured on May 14 , the day the United states moved its embassy to Jerusalem

The U.S. administration is as responsible for the massacre in Gaza as the Israeli government, Turkey’s Deputy Premier Bekir Bozdag said on Monday.

In a series of tweets, Bozdag said: “The U.S. by moving its Israeli embassy to Jerusalem will not bring comfort, security, stability, and peace to the region; it will increase the already existing discomfort, insecurity, instability, crisis and conflicts; and also trigger many unforeseen negativities.”

He said whatever the U.S. or Israel does or whichever step they take, they are “null and void” for Turkey.

“Jerusalem will eventually be fully liberated; U.S. and Israel will ultimately have to leave Jerusalem to its true owners,” Bozdag added.

“Injustices and mistakes do not give the U.S. and Israel anything permanent, but they accelerate the inevitable end: the liberation of Jerusalem,” he said.

He said Jerusalem was undisputedly the capital of the State of Palestine “in line with history, international law, international agreements, and decisions of the UN Security Council”.

“The U.S. continues to isolate itself with wrong policies and decisions. Turning the U.S. into allies of non-public administrations means losing all peoples and governments based on the people. This would leave the U.S. alone and cause them to lose in the long run,” Bozdag said.

He added: “Turkey will continue to do the right thing and walk straight on the road it knows to be just. Turkey will not keep quiet on the Jerusalem/Palestine issue even if the whole world does.”

Thousands of Palestinians have gathered on the Gaza Strip’s eastern border since early morning to take part in protests aimed to commemorate the Nakba anniversary and protest the relocation of the U.S. Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

At least 55 Palestinians were martyred and over 2000  were injured, according to the Health Ministry.

The rallies will culminate on Tuesday, May 15, the 70th anniversary of Israel’s establishment — an event Palestinians refer to as the “Nakba” or “the Catastrophe”.

Last week, the Israeli government said that rallies were part of a state of war and human rights laws did not apply for such cases.

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    May 15, in Jerusalem, the “March of the Peoples” is held, in which about 5 thousand people take part.
    The procession is held by the March of Life public organization. In order to express solidarity with Israel, Christians from 40 countries
    Free Kurdistan! Free Hatay! Free Cyprus! Errordogan is Islamofascist

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    Nikki Haley: who would have tolerated such actions on their borders? Israel shows amazing restraint, which no other country is capable of

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    “They direct people to death, hoping that there will be sacrifices. Hamas holds two million people hostage. It is true that they voted for Hamas, but today they have nowhere to go. They support Hamas only out of fear”

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    Bibi: Erdogan is one of the largest supporters of Hamas, and there is
    no doubt that he supports terrorism and massacres. I just want him not
    to preach moral principles to us

  • vs Well time went such a booze,
    A few words about Israel
    will repeat one hundred thousandth time: “In the world, very few people
    understand what is happening in Israel (and the Middle East), except
    for people living in Israel (and the Middle East).”
    Why? Well,
    because people tend to talk about something, not relying on knowledge,
    but on their own personal experience, their own ideas about the world
    and other people’s information myths. Although all you need to do is sit down for textbooks and spend some amount of time studying the question. And then come here, live, work, communicate with all parties and try to see the picture without ideological guidelines. But
    while all the comments on the network and articles in the world media
    look like essays on this topic from elementary school students. It’s a pity…
    As a test of knowledge of the problem.

    Someone is ready to explain why the ancient capital of Israel can not
    be officially recognized by the UN as the capital of Israel of the
    – Today’s popular thesis – “Recognition of Jerusalem by Trump led to bloodshed.” Oh, and until this moment peace and order reigned in the Middle East? In what periods? When did the Arabs and Israelis embrace?
    – Statistics. How many people all died in 70 years in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict? And how much over the same period in Iraq, in Syria, in Egypt, in Jordan, in Lebanon? (Israel-Palestine is about, at the most, 70 thousand on both sides. In Iraq alone, at a minimum, one and a half million).

    Why do Arabs from Gaza do not run from a bad life to Arabs in Egypt,
    and climb under machine guns, breaking through the border, to the Jews? (Spoiler – because the Egyptians for trying to break through their borders, they will shoot everyone indiscriminately)
    – Why did Egypt voluntarily give up control of the Gaza Strip?
    – Who are the “Palestinian refugees”? Who is specifically recognized as a “Palestinian refugee”? Why “Palestinian Arab refugees” remain refugees in their native Arab countries?
    – How and to what extent does humanitarian aid flow into the Gaza Strip?
    – In what year did the Israelis completely leave the Gaza Strip? Why, after the “flight of the invaders” in Gaza, the unemployment rate has sharply increased?
    – And, by the way, how did Hamas come to power in Gaza, and how many members of the Fatah party hit its head with asphalt? (Hamas,
    in the course of the democratic struggle for power, dumped them,
    connected, head down from the roofs of multi-storey houses)
    – ABOUT! And who are Hamas and Fatah?
    – What was discussed at the Camp David talks in 2000, and why did Arafat refuse to sign the peace treaty?

    And two million uncomfortable questions that you just need to know the answer to. And then this photo of the “peaceful protest” in Gaza will not surprise you (not photoshop, it is checked)

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    ‘US ‘responsible’ for “Gaza massacre”, as Israel says Turkey’ (sic)

    Is Bumbyad Ya Libnan’s new headline editor?

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      Hamas Political Bureau Member Salah Al-Bardawil said that of the 62 people killed in clashes along the Gaza border on May 14, 50 were from Hamas.
      “At least 55 Palestinians were martyred and over 2000 were injured, according to the Health Ministry.”
      Al-Bardawil, speaking on May 16 on Baladna TV, which broadcasts from Gaza, stressed that this was the official figure.

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    Laila’s parents wanted to get money from Hamas, counting on compensation of $3,000 for the death of the child. But Hamas has set a condition: the money will be paid if the story of Laila’s “death” falls into the world’s media. The
    al-Gandur family managed to achieve this: the photos of the deceased
    girl were published by many foreign TV channels, agencies, websites and

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    The Al Orabiya channel states that Iranian expansionism has led to a significant increase in Israel’s influence. In fact, this state has become a kind of regional policeman, whose main role is to restrain Iran. This role suits both the US and influential Orab states. One of the manifestations of the new situation is the tough position taken by Egypt against Hamas

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    Wednesday, May 16, Knesset MP Itzik Shmuli will submit
    to the Knesset a bill on recognizing the genocide of the Armenian
    people. The bill will be presented against the backdrop of a diplomatic crisis in relations between Israel and Turkey.
    will not tolerate the lectures and readings of the morals from the
    Turkish butcher-antisemite, who every day bombs thousands of Kurds in
    the north of Syria, and whose state is responsible for the genocide of
    the Armenian people and for other crimes against humanity,” Shmuli said.
    A similar bill is submitted by Knesset MP Amir Ohana. “It’s
    never too late to restore justice.” It’s time to admit that a monstrous
    crime was committed against the Armenian people, “Okhana said.

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  • Niemals

    Today we know better than the Palestinian Health Ministry report earlier.
    Hamas Political Bureau Member Salah Al-Bardawil said that of the 62 people killed in clashes along the Gaza border on May 14, 50 were from Hamas.
    Al-Bardawil, was speaking on Baladna TV – May 16, which broadcasts from Gaza, stressed that this was the official figure.

    Furthermore we have seen GAZAN YOUTH BREACHING ISRAEL’S BORDER (peaceful protest… ????)!

    Al-Jazeera TV aired footage of young Palestinian men who torched an Israeli military post after crossing the barbed wire into Israel The footage was broadcast on May 22.