Syrian rebels down regime helicopter near Lebanon border and occupied Golan

syrian helicopter downed
Syrian insurgents brought down an army helicopter in southwest Syria on Friday, near   the border with Lebanon and the occupied Golan the Israel-occupied Golan Heights, a war monitoring group said.

The Syrian military could not immediately be reached for comment.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said the aircraft went down in government territory southwest of Damascus after a missile hit it. Rebels are fighting Syrian government forces in the vicinity.

Two Syrian army officers from the helicopter’s crew died, the Britain-based monitor said.

  • Niemals

    Syrian rebels down regime helicopter, and Media reports: Rockets from Israel hit Syrian military base.
    Shortly after midnight, the Syrian Air Defense had intercepted and destroyed two ground-to-ground missiles, reported the state-run Syrian news agency Sana.
    Several rockets had been fired from Israel to a position of the Syrian army near the capital Damascus.
    The rockets are said to have caused only material damage.

    The UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said the missiles struck an army or ally’s armory.
    The attack near the city of Al-Kiswa south of Damascus caused loud explosions.
    The Israeli army initially refused to comment on the current case. Reported expansion on the Iranian base
    However according to Israeli Reports: Israel attacks Iranian base near Damascus.
    Syrian sources report Israeli Air Force attack near Damascus, causing power outages, loud explosions in capital, suburbs; Assad regime retaliates with antiaircraft fire, with 3 of 5 missiles reportedly downed; Lebanese paper reports Israel conducted dummy raids over Lebanon, one of which was used to attack the base.

    Arab media outlets reported Saturday Israel attacked an Iranian base near the town of al-Kiswah, 15 kilometers southwest of Syrian capital Damascus.
    Arab-language Sky News reported that Israeli fighter jets launched air-to-surface missiles from Lebanese airspace at the compound.

    • Rascal

      This was a big victory for Israel on Hezb/Iran military commanders.

      • Niemals

        Perhaps now everyone will believe that the Israelis keep what they promised. ☻

  • Y K

    “[O]ccupied Golan”? Does YaLibnan mean “part of the Golan occupied by Baathist troops”? 🙂