Clashes erupt between Assad forces and Hezbollah, in Aleppo, Syria

hezbollah flag  assad

hezbollah flag  assadHeavy clashes were reported by Syrian news site, Syrian Mirror between the forces of Syrian President Bashar Assad and the Lebanese Hezbollah fighters early Thursday morning in two villages in Aleppo’s southern suburbs.

According to the report the first signs of a rift between Hezbollah and the Syrian regime, which have been cooperating over the past five years in the Syrian civil war began emerging amid heavy fighting against rebel factions in Aleppo.

The fighting between the parties escalated to such an extent that the Syrian Air Force carried out three airstrikes against Hezbollah fighters, which resulted in the killing and injuring of dozens of militants, according to the report.

The clashes reportedly took place after Russia announced a ceasefire. Hezbollah militants rejected the truce while the Assad regime forces approved it. Hezbollah disagreed with the regime’s decision to withdraw its forces from strategic positions in Aleppo, because the party sacrificed many fighters and wanted to prevent opposition factions from gaining hold.

Revelations of hostility between Assad forces and Hezbollah appeared on social media networks as well. A Pro-Assad Syrian Member of Parliament, Sharif Shehadeh, wrote a post on his Facebook page on Thursday lashing out at Hezbollah for violating Syria’s sovereignty.

“National sovereignty is a red line – decisions must always be made by the Syrian army. Any controversy with the allied forces should be resolved as soon as possible, because we are in a period when there is no room for arguments,” Shehadeh wrote.

“My sons in Hezbollah, you came to Syria to support us, not to dominate us. I am asking you to rethink your attitude,” Shehadeh said in his post.

Heavy artillery weapons, mortars and heavy machine guns were used in the fighting between Lebanese Hezbollah militia and Assad forces resulting in the death of dozens and the wounding of several others from both parties, Orient news reported