The militia is the key to Syrian regime’s new war strategy

Beirut, Lebanon- A Syrian government militia that the U.S. has declared a terrorist organization is becoming increasingly important to the Syrian government’s strategy as it attempts to shore up its still-loyal but beleaguered military. The militia, known as the National Defense Force or the People’s Army, is an extension of the shabiha,

The all-female militias of Syria, report

BEIRUT – The Syrian regime is arming and training Syrian women to fight for President Bashar al-Assad, putting it out in front of the Pentagon when it comes to sending women to the front lines. A video posted on Russia Today’s Arabic channel from the central city of Homs shows dozens of women in combat […]

Hezbollah:State cannot be built with the ‘mentality of militias’

“There are ideas that have been proposed which we hope will bear fruit and which we hope allies in the Cabinet formation will respond positively to in order to speed up the government formation that would allow the country to rise “Sheikh Naim Qassem deputy chief of Hezbollah commented