Lebanon ‘sectarian system has entrenched’ the country, students tells FRANCE 24

Lebanese students have joined the general strike as hundreds of thousands step up their five-day protest against the government, to root out systemic corruption. But the young want to end Lebanon’s sectarian politics, FRANCE 24’s reporters say. FRANCE 24’s Nadia Massih, Zohra Ben Miloud and Mohamed Salem spent the day with members of the secular […]

‘All of them means all of them’: Lebanon’s protesters call for revolution

Protesters in Lebanon are targeting corruption and sectarianism, report Richard Hall and Hannah Abdel-Massih in Beirut  The mass protests that have swept Lebanon in the past week began as a spontaneous outburst of rage. But in the space of a few short days, they have transformed the country. For the first time, the sectarian political order […]

Mass nationwide protests continued in Lebanon. Over a million in Beirut alone tell leaders to go

Mass nationwide protests continued in Lebanon for a fourth day on Sunday, as local media reported more than a quarter of the Lebanese population had gone to the streets to join the movement, calling for the downfall of the government. Mass nationwide protests continued in Lebanon for a fourth day on Sunday, as local media […]

Lebanon is burning. Appealing for help after wildfires burned swathes of the country’s forest

Wildfires that have swept across Lebanon since Monday have burned swathes of the country’s forest and killed at least one person, prompting Beirut to deploy water cannon and call on its neighbors for help. The cause of the flames, which has spread from woods south of Beirut up to pine forests in the north, remains […]

Lebanese dance group Mayyas stun ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ audience

The winners of 2019’s “Arab’s Got Talent” competition once again wowed TV audiences at “Britain’s Got Talent” with their superb synchronized moves during the third round of auditions this week. The Lebanese dancers are a group of 31 all-female performers aged 13 to 25. “The fact that we are female is something big, especially that […]

Bassil’s tour of Mt Lebanon resulted in the killing of 2 aides of pro-Hezbollah minister

The  convoy of a Lebanese minister Saleh al-Gharib, came under attack  after leaving a meeting  with  Foreign  Minister Gebran Bassil in the town of Shemlan near Aley   resulting in the , killing of two of his guards and wounding another, in what he claimed to be  an assassination attempt.  Gharib was meeting with Bassil to  plan a  tour  of the […]