About Us

Ya Libnan was originally created to capture the historic events that erupted as a result of the assassination of the former Prime Minister Rafic Hariri. The tragic Valentines Day murder gave birth to the Cedar Revolution.

In what started out as a personal log of events in Lebanon, we were pleasantly surprised by the overwhelming support for Ya Libnan. With our staff and a network of volunteers, we are proud of what we’ve accomplished. Ya Libnan offers our worldwide audience the latest independent news coverage which focuses exclusively on Lebanon.

In a world often dominated by government, politician and corporation influenced media; Ya Libnan is free from the chains of propaganda, censorship and control.

Our team of dedicated journalists with their multinational education and diversified backgrounds share a common set of qualities: objectivity, accuracy, and a passion for the truth.

Ya Libnan has evolved into a leading specialized source of Lebanese news with unmatched high-quality content. We are committed to being on the cutting-edge of using the internet to its full potential in order to offer our readers a superior news site.

Ya Libnan offers a different and fresh perspective. We will continue to cover all viewpoints with objectivity, integrity and balance.

The founders and owners of Ya Libnan are dedicated Lebanese individuals who strongly believe in liberty and in the changes it will bring to a sovereign Lebanon. We sincerely believe that democracy will bring about fundamental changes in the Lebanese constitution that will result in a better Lebanon for all its citizens.

We envision a country that will be built on the following:

  • Liberty and Individual Rights: The right to liberty should as a minimum include personal freedom, political freedom, free flow of information and economic freedom. It is the purpose of the government to protect these rights, and it may not place unfair or unreasonable restraints on their exercise.
  • Justice: People should be treated fairly in the distribution of the benefits and burdens of society, the correction of wrongs and injuries, and in the gathering of information and making of decisions.
  • Diversity: Variety in culture and ethnic background, race, lifestyle, and belief is not only permissible but desirable and beneficial in a our pluralist society.
  • Truth: Citizens can legitimately demand that truth-telling as refraining from lying and full disclosure by government be the rule, since trust in the veracity of government constitutes an essential element of the bond between governors and governed.
  • Popular Sovereignty: The citizenry is collectively the sovereign of the state and holds ultimate authority over public officials and their policies.
  • Rule of Law: Both government and the governed should be subject to the same law. Separation of Powers: Legislative, executive, and judicial powers should be exercised by different institutions in order to maintain the limitations placed upon them.
  • Checks and Balances: The powers given to the different branches of government should be balanced, that is roughly equal, so that no branch can completely dominate the others. Branches of government are also given powers to check the power of other branches.
  • Freedom of Religion: There shall be full freedom of conscience for people of all faiths or none. Religious liberty is considered to be a natural inalienable right that must always be beyond the power of the state to confer or remove. Religious liberty includes the right to freely practice any religion without governmental coercion or control.
  • Separation of Religion and State: In order for Lebanese citizens to elect the most suitable representatives, religious considerations should be completely abolished. Let the best candidates win and create a better Lebanon for all its citizens.