Hezbollah threatens to ‘return Israel to Stone Age’ if it attacks Lebanon


Hezbollah broadcast a new video, after midnight on Saturday, showing coordinates and a bank of new targets inside the Israeli entity and sending a clear message to officials there and decision-makers, as stated in the precise description.

The video shows vital and strategic points through which the party’s Secretary-General, Hassan Nasrallah, indicated that if these goals were targeted, they would be enough to return Israel to the “stone age.”

A direct threat was made by the party to bomb the headquarters of the Israeli National Security “Hakarya” in Tel Aviv. The statement said that this message and what is contained in it will only be understood by “decision-makers in the Israeli entity.”

The “Hakarya” complex, shown in Hezbollah’s video, includes the headquarters of the Ministry of Security, the General Staff, and many of the senior military staff commands.

Commenting on the scenes broadcast by the “party”, Israeli media indicated that in the video of Hezbollah’s military media, one could see Haifa and sites that Hezbollah has included in its new target bank. A military source added, “We will be on alert to contain missiles from the morning hours in the north.”