MP Dhaher: Qatar seems more convincing than the French in ending Lebanon presidential crisis

michel Dhaher

MP Michel Georges Dhaher indicated, in a statement on social media, that “Qatar appears to have more means of persuasion than the French to end the presidential crisis, and it has previous experience in the Doha Conference in addressing the political and moral bankruptcy that some have reached in the past.” He asked: “How do we build a country whose politicians are merchants and brokers?”

Dhaher is a Lebanese entrepreneur, investor, philanthropist, and politician. In May 2018, he was elected as an independent Member of Parliament in Lebanon for the Zahle district.

Dhaher expressed concerns about Lebanon’s economic model as early as 2012 during an interview with the Daily Star by saying “Unless the government embarks on painful austerity measures, Lebanon’s economy will inch closer to the edge of a disaster”.

French initiative failed

His remarks come after MP Fadi Karam, a member of the “Strong Republic” Parliamentary bloc, confirmed that “the French initiative failed (it was accepted by one party) and was not able to convince the other party to accept it.”

In an interview with Al-Jadeed, Karam pointed out that “there is no country in the world that negotiates the concept of the constitution, and dialogue exists between everyone except between us and Hezbollah.”

“Bit by bit, the axis of resistance is running out of options in Lebanon,” Karam was quoted as saying on the X platform, following the departure of Jean-Yves Le Drian, the French President’s personal envoy. “It has failed in imposing its presidential candidate” and dialogue is its way of trying to reach a settlement.

France is reportedly using unconventional corruption methods to force Lebanese politicians to elect Hezbollah’s candidate Suleiman Franjieh