Mikati won’t have an easy ride for nomination as next PM

File photo of Caretaker PM Najib Mikati

The re-nomination of caretaker PM Najib Mikati for thePM post in “serious risk,” MTV reported on Monday, adding that the various opposition factions are holding contacts behind the scenes in order to agree on a single candidate.

“The Progressive Socialist Party and the Lebanese Forces have agreed not to nominate Mikati and to agree on a common alternative candidate. The Phalange Party has also expressed readiness to agree on a candidate for the opposition with its various formations,” MTV said.

Regardless what happens Mikati’s nomination is in danger because the vast majority of Christian MPs would not vote for him ,” MTV added

The so-called “reformist MPs” are meanwhile “discussing the PM candidate with openness, contrary to the previous parliamentary junctures, and they may agree with the rest of the opposition forces on a single candidate, keeping in mind that the candidate who has the highest chances is Nawwaf Salam,” MTV reported adding that that MPs Najat Saliba and Mark Daou have already endorsed his nomination in a statement.

But like everything else in Lebanon everything can change the last minute according to a political analyst if the reformist MP s repeat past mistakes and don’t stick together and form alliances with the other independents and parties that closely match their objectives