Update: Over 180,000 Lebanese expats registered to participate in upcoming parliamentary elections


The total number of Lebanese expatriates who have registered to participate in the upcoming parliamentary elections reached 180345 according to Lebanese media reports

The breakdown is as follows

  • Oceania: 16, 654 (9%)
  • Latin America: 4, 242 (2%)
  • North America: 42,367 (23%)
  • Europe: 56,844 (32%)
  • Africa: 14, 961 (8%)
  • Asia , Arab countries : 45, 277 (25%)
    Registration continues until November 20, 2021
  • (The breakdown in terms of percentage of registered voters by region remains the same as the last report )
  • Analysts expect a total of 200,000 registered expatriate voters by November 20th
  • One Expatriate told Ya Libnan to tell all expats If “If you are an “expatriate who aspires to change the current corrupt system of government , this is your chance
  • “There are more Lebanese outside of Lebanon than inside it and the corrupt system of Lebanon is the main reason why. ” Over 500, 000 emigrated in 2021 so far
  • ” Lebanon will be without Lebanese if the current corrupt politicians remain in charge
  • “The millions of expats that have not registered should immediately do that “…
  • and it is so easy

Guide to to register

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Emigrants officially launched voter registration to all Lebanese expats giving them the right to actively participate in the country’s political scene.  

Lebanon parliament . members

Here’s a rundown of the full process:

1. When will registration take place? 

Starting October 1, 2021 to November 20, 2021.

2. Who can register? 

Non-residents who hold the Lebanese citizenship and were born before March 30, 2001.

3. How can you register?


You can register online through this link. https://diasporavote.mfa.gov.lb

You may also register at the Lebanese Embassy or at your respective general consulates – depending where you are.

4. What do you need in order to register?


A Lebanese passport OR a Lebanese identity card OR an individual or family civil registry (إخراج قيد فردي أو عائلي).

You are also required to bring them with you ON THE DAY OF ELECTIONS IN ORDER TO CAST YOUR VOTE.

Together Lebanese in Lebanon and expats can make a difference

If we return the same corrupt politicians to the parliament there is no one to blame but ourselves

Ya Libnan