Lebanese Press Syndicate condemns the kidnapping of Journalists by Hezbollah



File photo : Flag of the Iranian backed Lebanese militant group Hezbollah. Hezbollah has been designated as a terrorist organization by the US and some European and Arab countries

The Lebanese Press Syndicate stressed the importance of freedom of expression in times of distress, after the kidnapping of two foreign journalists in the southern suburbs of Beirut, by members of the Iranian backed Hezbollah militant group

According to the Syndicate, which strongly condemned the kidnapping, “the incident continues to receive local and international reactions and especially in Britain.”

“The kidnapping of foreign journalists will give the world another evidence of the complete deterioration of the Lebanese general situations,” the Syndicate stated, urging the security and judicial authorities to identify the perpetrators and take action against them. 

Matthew Kynaston of Britain and Stella Männer of Germany were both kidnapped by Hezbollah members in Beirut for reporting on fuel crisis in Lebanon – Hezbollah has reportedly been smuggling the subsidized fuel of Lebanon to Syria via illegal border crossings which it controls for huge profits , this created fuel shortage in Lebanon .

The journalists, Matthew Kynaston of Britain and Stella Männer of Germany, had been detained for several hours by “members of Hezbollah agents” while covering Lebanon’s fuel crisis at a gas station on the Airport Road, according to media reports said.

The journalists were later handed over to the Lebanese General Security after the intervention of the British and German embassies and released the same evening.