Geagea tells Hezbollah chief : Lebanon collapsed because of your ‘resistance’

geagea on MTV

Samir  Geagea , leader of the Lebanese Forces party criticized again Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah on Tuesday by telling him that Lebanon collapsed because of your resistance

“Sayyed Hassan said his resistance is protecting Lebanon and preserving its rights. By God, we do not want you to preserve or protect Lebanon. All that we want of you is not to encroach on Lebanon and the Lebanese people,” said Geagea.

He added that Lebanon’s “sovereignty is violated like never before, its people humiliated, its economy collapsed, its Arab and foreign friendships lost. The Lebanese passport has never been turned into a farce like it is today, all because of your resistance.”

Geagea also lashed out at Nasallah’s remarks that only the resistance is capable of protecting Lebanon’s oil wealth.

“These resources are a natural gift from God, we know how to preserve them. The important thing is not to involve yourself in this matter,” stated Geagea. 

“The majority of the Lebanese people blame Hezbollah for the situation in Lebanon ,” the LF leader emphasized.

According to analysts Hezbollah has turned Lebanon into a colony of Iran . It controls all it branches of government and its borders . Ever since Israel withdrew from Lebanon , Hezbollah has used its arms to increase Iran’s influence in Lebanon . For the past 15 years no government could be formed in Lebanon , or a president elected without a green light from Iran .