Trump says he ‘might leave the country’ if he loses to Biden


US President Donald Trump who is currently on the campaign trail stated that he would leave the country if he loses to Joe Biden in the US Presidential election

Written By Shubham Bose 

US President Donald Trump stated that he would leave the country if he loses to Joe Biden in the US Presidential election

Trump says he might leave the country if he loses to Biden

During a campaign event in Georgia on Friday, October 16, US President Donald Trump claimed that his opponent in the upcoming US Presidential Election was the ‘worst candidate’ in history and that Trump would leave the country if he lost to him on November 3. President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump recently tested positive for COVID-19 but Trump has made a miraculous recovery and is already back on the campaign trail with the US Presidential Elections only two weeks away.

‘Imagine If I lose?’: Trump

During the rally, Donald Trump took jabs at his Democratic opponent and called the former US Vice President the ‘worst candidate’ in history. The latest comment made by Trump at Georgia was very similar to one he made during a campaign event in North Carolina in September. In that instance, Democratic candidate Joe Biden did respond to Trump’s comments and stated that he agreed with Donald Trump. Joe Biden’s reply quickly went viral with his supporter even making memes out of it.

During his address, Trump also added that running against Biden puts a lot of pressure on him because he is running against the ‘worst candidate in the history of politics’. The President said that in the event that he lost to Biden he would be so embarrassed and would not even know what to do with himself.  Back in 2016 when Trump went up against Hillary Clinton he had stated that if he failed to win even the Republican nomination he would take a step back from public view.

Things are not looking particularly good for US President Donald Trump as with only 2 weeks left until the 2020 election, Democratic candidate Joe Biden has managed to raise over $100 million more than Trump. The Republican candidate has only managed to raise $247.8 million while Biden has raised $383 million.

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