Reports of possible survivors buried in rubble – updated list of explosion martyrs

Rescue workers dig through the rubble of a badly damaged building in Lebanon’s capital Beirut, in search of possible survivors after scanners detected a pulse on Thursday. Joseph Eid / AFP – Getty Images


BEIRUT — A pulsing signal was detected Thursday from under the rubble of a Beirut building that collapsed during the horrific port explosion in the Lebanese capital last month, raising hopes there may be a survivor still buried there.

The effort unfolded after the sniffer dog belonging to the Chilean search and rescue team first detected something as the team was going through Gemmayzeh Street in Beirut and rushed toward the rubble of a building. The street was one of the hardest-hit in the Aug. 4 explosion.

The team then used audio detection equipment for signals or heartbeat, and detected what could be a pulse of 18 to 19 beats per minute. The origin of the pulsing signal was not immediately known but it set off a frantic search and raised new hope.

It is extremely unlikely that any survivors would be found a month after the blast that tore through Beirut in August when nearly 3,000 tons of ammonium nitrate ignited at the port. The explosion killed 191 people and injured 6,500 others and is considered to be one of the biggest non-nuclear explosions ever recorded. Thousands of homes were damaged.

“Ninety-nine percent there isn’t anything, but even if there is less than 1 percent hope, we should keep on looking,” said Youssef Malah, a civil defense worker. He said his men would continue working throughout the night, adding that the work was extremely sensitive.

A Chilean volunteer, however, said their equipment identifies breathing and heartbeat from humans, not animals, and it detected a sign of a human.

For days, a French rescue team and other volunteers had looked into the rubble of buildings in the aftermath of the explosion and didn’t have reason to believe there were any bodies or survivors left.

In another chilling reminder of the horrific explosion a month ago, the Lebanese military said it discovered more than 4 tons of ammonium nitrate near Beirut’s port on Thursday.

According to the military, army experts were called in for an inspection and found 4.35 tons of the dangerous chemical in four containers stored near the port. There were no details on the origin of the chemicals or their owner.

The military statement said that customs officials had called in the army to inspect containers at a facility near the port, where they found 4.35 tons of ammonium nitrate. It said army experts were “dealing with the material,” an apparent reference that it was being destroyed.

Days after the Aug. 4 blast, French and Italian chemical experts working amid the remains of the port identified more than 20 containers carrying dangerous chemicals. The army later said that these containers were moved and stored safely in locations away from the port.

French experts as well as the FBI have taken part in the investigationinto the blast, at the request of Lebanese authorities. Their findings have yet to be released.

So far, authorities have detained 25 people over last month’s explosion, most of them port and customs officials

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List of Martyrs

of Beirut Port explosion -as provided by Lebanon’s ministry of health – 191 total as of September 3

Nb.NameNationalityName of The HospitalNotes
1Abdel Halim El Ali SalemLebaneseAl Getaoui Hospital
2Abdel Kader BlosoSyrianMiddle East Medical Center
3Abdo Tanious AtaLebaneseHotel Diew Hospital
4Abdul Kader Ali TerrasLebaneseAUBMCً
توفي لاحقا
5Ahmad Ibrahim KaadanLebaneseMaryoussef Hosp
6Ahmad Mohammad AmeiraSyrianBaabda Governmental Hospital
7Alexandra NajjarLebaneseHotel Diew Hospitalطفلة
8Ali Abbas IsmailLebaneseAl Zahraa Hospital
9Ali Abdo AyoubLebaneseCMC Hospital
10Ali Hussein ZeineddineLebaneseAl Getaoui Hospital
11Ali Ibrahim Jassem ObeidSyrianAl Rasoul Hospital
12Ali Ismail El Sayed ChahataEgyptianAl Getaoui Hospital
13Ali Kassem SawanLebaneseكان ضمن المفقودين
14Ali Mehsen McheikLebaneseAl Getaoui Hospital
15Alice BalianLebaneseMashaghara Governmental Hospital
16Amin ZahedLebaneseAl Zahraa Hospital
17Amina Salim KarbikSyrianHayek Hospital
18Anite Karabit KhatishikianLebaneseLibano Français Hospital
19Antoine El BarmakiLebaneseMashrek Hospital
20Arlet MeglangitFilipinoBaabda Governmental Hospital
21Armand TayanLebaneseRizk – LAU Hospital
22Asmahan Miled FaroukhLebaneseAl Rasoul Hospital
23Ayman HomsiLebaneseMakassed Hospital
24Ayman Ibrahim Jasem Al EidSyrianAl Rasoul Hospital
25Ayman Issam SleimanSyrianAUBMC
26Ayman MostaphaLebaneseRoom Hospital
27Ayman Nour DinLebaneseArmy Hospitalنقيب – جيش لبناني
28Ayman ObeidSyrianMiddle East Medical Center
29Baby-Linn SerohijosFilipinoRizk – LAU Hospital
30Chacke SadekLebaneseSacree Coeur Hospital
31Chadi Abou ChakraLebaneseHotel Diew Hospital
32Chant HagopianLebaneseHotel Diew Hospital
33Charbel Abdo MataLebaneseRHUH Governmental Hospitalأمن دولة
34Charbel HatiLebaneseRHUH Governmental Hospitalكان ضمن المفقودين – دفاع مدني
35Charbel KaramLebaneseكان ضمن المفقودين – دفاع مدني
36Chawki Mohammad AllouchLebaneseRHUH Governmental Hospital
37Christelle Nazih El AdemLebanese
38Cidra Al KennoLebaneseHotel Diew Hospital
39Claudette El HalabiLebaneseAl Getaoui Hospital
40Claudia Khalil Lakkis EwazLebaneseRHUH Governmental Hospital
41Cyril Michel KanaanLebaneseAUBMC
42Dalia Boghos KedikianLebaneseAl Getaoui Hospital
43Dayan Michel Khoury DibLebaneseMakassed Hospital
44Elias Bassam KhouryLebaneseHotel Diew Hospitalً
توفي لاحقا – 15 سنة
45Elie KhouzamiLebaneseRHUH Governmental Hospitalكان ضمن المفقودين – دفاع مدني
46Estephan Said RouhannaLebaneseMashaghara Governmental Hospitalجيش لبناني
47Etanu DeehisaFilipinoRizk – LAU Hospital
48Ezek OheirAustralianRHUH Governmental Hospital
49Fadi HusseinLebaneseSacree Coeur Hospital
50Fadi NaimLebaneseAl Arez Hospital
51Fares George KiwanLebaneseAl Zahraa Hospitalأمن عام
52Farouk Al SallouSyrianRHUH Governmental Hospital
53Fawzi KalailetLebaneseMakassed Hospital
54Feryal Al KikiLebaneseBahman Hospitalسكتة قلبية جراء الانفجار
55Fida KhouryLebaneseBeleview Medical Center
56Firas Meteeb DahwishPalestinianCMC Hospital
57Gabrielle Brigitte Kuhnle-RadtkeHotel Diew Hospital
58Gaia FadoulianLebaneseAbo Jaoudeh Hospital
59George MaaloufLebaneseArmy Hospitalجيش لبناني – مؤهل
60George Naja FreihaLebanese
61George Pierro DemianiLebaneseSibline Governmental Hospital
62George SaadLebaneseMakassed Hospital
63George Salim Al WezLebaneseMaryoussef Hosp
64Georges Farjallah DaibesLebaneseSibline Governmental Hospitalمؤهل أول في قوى الامن الداخلي
65Georges MadiLebaneseHotel Diew Hospital
66Ghassan HasroutyLebaneseRHUH Governmental Hospitalكان ضمن المفقودين
67Gretta AttallahLebaneseHotel Diew Hospital
68Hailemariam Demssie RetaEthiopianFouad Khoury Hospital
69Hala TayyahLebanese
70Hamad Medhat Al AttarLebaneseAl Getaoui Hospital
71Hamza Hussein IskandarLebaneseAl Zahraa Hospitalجيش لبناني – رقيب
72Hanna George AkkbaniSyrianBaabda Governmental Hospital
73Haoulo Ahmad AbbasLebaneseAl Rasoul Hospital
74Hassan Moustapha TayLebaneseHotel Diew Hospitalجيش لبناني – رقيب
75Hassan Akram ChamesLebaneseAl Zahraa Hospital
76Hassan Ali ManehLebaneseHotel Diew Hospital
77Hassan Kamel HaidarLebaneseRHUH Governmental Hospital
78Hassan SadekLebaneseSibline Governmental Hospitalجيش لبناني – رقيب
79Hayat Gergi FadelLebaneseMakassed Hospital
80Hedwig Motlans MoliereHolland
81Housam BatalLebaneseAUBMC
82Hussein Abd El Rahim BasharLebanese
83Ibrahim Abdelmohsen Al Sayed Abou KasbaEgyptianHotel Diew Hospital
84Ibrahim AminLebaneseBaabda Governmental Hospital
85Imad Zaher DinLebaneseRHUH Governmental Hospital
86Ivone Sorsok KokarianLebaneseً
توفيت مؤخرا في المستشفى
87Iyad Zeid Al AminLebaneseMaryoussef Hosp
88Izabelleh MachaalaniLebaneseBahnes Hospital
89Jack Sarkis BarmikianLebaneseAl Zahraa Hospital
90Jackeline GebrineLebanonBahnes Hospitalممرضة في مستشفى حداد
91Jacuqes GemayelLebaneseHotel Diew Hospital
92Jad Gergeh Al DahdahLebaneseMiddle East Medical Center
93Jad SamahaLebanese
94Jawad Ajwad ChayaLebaneseArmy Hospitalجيش لبناني – معاون
95Jean Fredric AlamLebaneseRoom Hospital
96Jean Marc BonfeisFrench
97Jessica BezdijianLebaneseRoom Hospitalممرضة في مستشفى الروم
98Jessy Kahwaji DaoudLebaneseMaryoussef Hospممرضة في مستشفى الروم
99Jihad Antoine SaadeLebaneseHaroun Hospital
100Jihad OmarLebaneseHotel Diew Hospitalعميد
101Joe AkikiLebaneseSaint George Ajaltoun
102Joe Elie Abo SaabLebaneseAl Zahraa Hospitalدفاع مدني
103Joe Francis HaddadLebaneseAl Zahraa Hospitalأمن عام
104Joe George AndounLebaneseRHUH Governmental Hospital
105Joe NounLebaneseRHUH Governmental Hospitalدفاع مدني
106John KoubliLebaneseAl Sahel General Hospital
107Jolbab Sajed AliPakistaniMaryoussef Hosp
108Joseph Latif MerhiLebaneseRHUH Governmental Hospital
109Joseph RoukozLebaneseRHUH Governmental Hospital
110Josephine Abou ZeidLebaneseHotel Diew Hospital
111Joud Hajj MostaphaLebaneseRHUH Governmental Hospital
112Kaissar Fouad Abo MerhejLebaneseAl Zahraa Hospitalأمن عام – مفتش مؤهل
113Kamal KafaLebaneseArmy Hospitalملازم – جيش لبناني
114Kassem Youssef Al MawlaLebaneseRHUH Governmental Hospital
115Kazem ChamesddineLebaneseAUBMC
116Khaldiye Saaid BakriUnknownAUBMC
117Khaled WahoudSyrianRHUH Governmental Hospital
118Khalil Badih Aoun MjaisLebaneseBowar Governmental Hospital
119Khalil IssaLebaneseRHUH Governmental Hospital
120Latifa MoustaphaLebaneseMakassed Hospital
121Laurette Owaida RichaLebaneseAl Getaoui Hospital
122Layla Metre KhouryLebaneseMount Lebanon Hospital
123Lina Abo HamdanLebaneseRoom Hospitalممرضة في مستشفى الروم
124Lina NajjarLebaneseRHUH Governmental Hospital
125Liza kezbekyanLebaneseHaroun Hospital
126Mahmoud Ali SaiidLebaneseRHUH Governmental Hospital
127Mahmoud Hussein KhaledLebaneseCMC Hospital
128Majida KassabLebaneseRoom Hospital
129Malak Bzaza AyoubLebaneseAl Arez Hospital
130Margot TabbalLebaneseHotel Diew Hospital
131Maria Pia Emanuel Abo SleimanLebaneseMaryoussef Hosp
132Maria Waltmans HadwigHotel Diew Hospital
133Marie SaadLebaneseRoom Hospital
134Marion HaucherHotel Diew Hospital
135Mary FarhatLebaneseBaabda Governmental Hospital
136Mary Khalil ToukLebaneseBeshari Governmental Hospital
137Mazen Raja ZwayhedLebaneseMaryoussef Hosp
138Mehdy Hassan RamiBangladeshiMount Lebanon Hospital
139Mireille GermanosLebaneseMashrek Hospitalممرضة في مستشفى الروم
140Misele HawaLebaneseAl Zahraa Hospitalكان ضمن المفقودين – دفاع مدني
141Mizan Al AiilaBangladeshiZahleh Governmental Hospital
142Mohamad Ahmad AlaedineLebaneseMaryoussef Hosp
143Mohamad Ahmad AyroutLebaneseAl Getaoui Hospital
144Mohamad Hussein Al SibaaiLebaneseAl Rasoul Hospital
145Mohamad Hussein DgheimLebaneseHotel Diew Hospital
146Mohamad MahmoudLebaneseAl Arez Hospital
147Mohammad Ahmad AbbasLebaneseRoom Hospital
148Mohammad Al HusseinLebaneseSacree Coeur Hospital
149Mohammad Alaa Din DamajLebaneseSibline Governmental Hospital
150Mohammad Ali AbbasLebaneseRHUH Governmental Hospital
151Mohammad JamalBangladeshi
152Mohammad Nour DoughanLebaneseMakassed Hospital
153Mohammad TleisLebaneseAl Zahraa Hospital
154Mohammad SleibyLebaneseBahnes Hospital
155Mostapha Mohammad AyroutSyrianAl Rasoul Hospital
156Mostapha Sa3ed Din BleiKLebaneseAl Zahraa Hospital
157Msarkis TakiryanLebaneseAUBMC
158Najib HatiLebaneseRHUH Governmental Hospitalكان ضمن المفقودين – دفاع مدني
159Nawal AtiehLebaneseBaabda Governmental Hospital
160Nawal HamdanLebaneseSacree Coeur Hospital
161Nazar NazarianLebaneseHotel Diew Hospital
162Neamathallah Antoine MekheiberLebaneseMount Lebanon Hospital
163Nicolas Youssif ChedidLebaneseBowar Governmental Hospital
164Nicole Majid HeloLebaneseMaryoussef Hosp
165Paulette Isakndar HashemLebaneseAl Getaoui Hospital
166Perlita MendozaFilipinoBaabda Governmental Hospital
167Ralph MelahiLebaneseRHUH Governmental Hospitalكان ضمن المفقودين – دفاع مدني
168Rami Hassan KaakiLebaneseAl Zahraa Hospitalكان ضمن المفقودين – دفاع مدني
169Rawan MistoSyrianRizk – LAU Hospital
170Rezol Mounir SekderBangladeshiMaryoussef Hosp
171Robert Youssef SemaanLebaneseMaryoussef Hosp
172Rushdi Al JamalEgyptianBaabda Governmental Hospital
173Sabah Merhej Merhej NassourLebaneseFouad Khoury Hospital
174Sahar FaresLebaneseMashrek Hospitalدفاع مدني
175Samir Boulous KaramLebaneseBahnes Hospital
176Sr. Sophie KhosrafianLebaneseSacree Coeur Hospital
177Tanios Mekhayel El MurrLebaneseHaroun Hospital
178Tharwat HoteitLebaneseArmy Hospital + RHUH Hospital
179Therese Merhi AntounLebaneseSacree Coeur Hospital
180Unknown Name (Male)BangladeshiAUBMCمجهولة الهوية
181Unknown Name Female)FilipinoAUBMCمجهولة الهوية
182Warijan Oghos TassonianLebaneseAl Getaoui Hospital
183William AzarLebaneseRHUH Governmental Hospital
184Wissam FaisalLebaneseAUBMC
185Yaacoub GemayelLebaneseHotel Diew Hospital
186Yehya Azam HamwiLebaneseRHUH Governmental Hospital
187Youssef Saleh LahoudLebaneseRizk – LAU Hospital
188Yvette Gergi Al MiniLebaneseAl Getaoui Hospital
189Zeina ChamounLebaneseAUBMC
190Zeina Ramzi Raji ZaarourLebaneseAl Getaoui Hospital
191Ziad Mostafa Al SobhLebaneseAl Getaoui Hospital