Hariri doesn’t want to be PM for now. Wants to focus on rebuilding Beirut


Former PM Saad Hariri announced on Tuesday that he is not a candidate for the PM post and called on all political forces to withdraw his name from any deliberations in this regard, stressing that he is going to focus for the time being on rebuilding the capital that was destroyed by the port blast on August 4

Hariri issued his statement following separate talks with Qatari Foreign Minister Mohammed bin Abdul Rahman al-Thani and Lebanese General Security chief Maj. Gen. Abbas Ibrahim.

“I had decided not to take a political position before the pronouncement of the judgment of the Special Tribunal for Lebanon on the assassination of the martyr Prime Minister Rafic Hariri, and before having completed contacts with friendly countries, the international community and Lebanese political forces regarding the initiative that President Emmanuel Macron presented during his recent visit to Lebanon.” Hariri said in his statement

“In reality, I consider that the renewed international interest in our country, and especially the initiative of President Macron and the visits of a certain number of international and Arab officials, represent an opportunity , to rebuild our beloved capital Beirut, and to achieve a series of reforms that the Lebanese have demanded and that we have been trying to implement for many years.” He added

He sees the calls on him to form the new government as a trap to blackmail him

“I noticed, like all other Lebanese, that certain political forces are still in a state of severe denial of the reality of Lebanon and the Lebanese, and only see this as a new opportunity for blackmail, with the sole aim of keeping small power gains or even realizing personal dreams of later power. Unfortunately, it is a blackmail that goes beyond their political partners, to become a blackmail of the entire country, of the renewed international attention and of the livelihood and dignity of the Lebanese.”

He called on president Aoun to immediately call for binding parliamentary consultations

“The only starting point is for the President of the Republic to respect the constitution and immediately call for binding parliamentary consultations in accordance with Article 53, “

He warned Aoun against forming the government before designating the Prime Minister.