Poll: Nearly half the Christians of Lebanon say current leaders don’t not represent them

Former military prosecutor Judge Peter Germanos
Former military prosecutor Judge Peter Germanos

Former military prosecutor Judge Peter Germanos revealed in a tweet about a recent poll the results of which have not been officially published yet about the current political orientation of Christians in Lebanon ;

He claimed in the tweet that the poll will show that:

45% of the Christians feel that the current leaders do not represent them
24% of the Christians feel the Lebanese Forces represents them .

15% of the Christians feel Free patriotic Movement ( FPM) represents them.
6% of the Christians feel the Phalange party ( Al Kataib) represents them .
10% of the Christians feel other parties represents them

Germanus concluded his tweet by saying that “the Christian scene is waiting for new leaders, and Bkerke is temporarily filling the void.”

FPM , whose founder is president Michel Aoun and whose current leader is Aoun’s son-in-law Gebran Bassil used to be the most popular Christian party. As the report says the official results have not been published yet , but if the official results confirm this information this will be a huge blow to president Aoun .

Aoun is allied with the Iranian backed Hezbollah which has been violating the Baabda declaration which calls for isolating Lebanon from regional conflicts .

Maronite Patriarch Beshara Boutos al-Rai on the other hand has been calling for Lebanon’s neutrality and this has reportedly made him the most popular Christian leader right now.

According to observers , the majority of the Lebanese feel now that Lebanon has become a colony of Iran , because Hezbollah ( with its allies) controls all the 3 branches of government :

The presidency thru Aoun, the Speakership of the parliament thru Speaker Nabih Berri and the premiership through PM Hassan Diab.

Hezbollah is reportedly also stronger than the Lebanese Army

Source: Lebanon Debate