Lebanese protesters demand implementation of UN resolution 1559

hezbollah flag w real gun

Protesters staged a rally on Saturday outside the Justice Palace demanding full implementation of UN Security Council Resolution 1559, and rejecting “Hezbollah’s arms outside the state institutions and the presence of mini-states within a state.”

File Photo a parade by Hezbollah in Lebanon

“We reject the presence of mini-states within Lebanon, and we reject the use for illegal arms to control the country’s decision,” one activist told reporters referring to Hezbollah.

“Not until Hezbollah’s approved Lebanon was able to ask for the International Monetary Fund’s assistance for its economic crisis. Can you imagine, we even needed permission to beg,” another protester said.

The activists denounced “domination of the state’s decision,” saying “illegal arms are controlling the country’s will for survival. Resolution 1559 must be fully implemented.”

UN Resolution 1559 adopted on 2 September 2004, called upon Lebanon to establish its sovereignty over all of its land and called upon “foreign forces”, ( Syria in this case) to withdraw from Lebanon and to cease intervening in the internal politics of Lebanon. The resolution also called on all Lebanese and non-Lebanese parties to disband and declared support for a “free and fair electoral process”.

The UN chief has frequently stated that the participation of Hezbollah and other Lebanese groups in the conflict in Syria violates the international resolution.

A state above the state

According to political analysts the Iranian backed Hezbollah militant group has been referred to as a state within a state but recently it has been labeled as the state above the state .

Hezbollah has its own militia just like a standing army in a normal state. It has more powerful weapons than the Lebanese army and controls sites that are off limits to Lebanese security and army forces.

Hezbollah has a free hand in bringing in goods and people through Lebanese ports, border crossings ( legal and illegal) and Beirut airport — no taxes paid, no questions asked.

Hezbollah considers Lebanon as its territorial base and Iran considers Hezbollah as Iran in Lebanon and claims that its border starts in south of Lebanon .

The present Lebanese government is referred to as Hezbollah cabinet because it is the only party along with its allies that is backing the cabinet of PM Hassan Diab .

Hezbollah claims its arms are for resistance against Israel but for the past 14 years it has used its arms only to kill Arabs in Syria, Iraq and Yemen in support of the Iranian regime and to increase its influence in Lebanon .