Bassil admits he has many enemies denies cabinet obstruction

bassil in moscow
File photo of former Foreign Minister Gebran Bassil during his trip to Moscow with his father in law president Michel Aoun. Aoun reportedly wanted to get the blessing of his Russian counterpart over future presidency by Bassil. Hezbollah seems to have other plans

Free Patriotic Movement leader and caretaker FM Jebran Bassil denied Tuesday in an interview on al-Jadeed TV that he is obstructing the formation of of the new Cabinet

“No one is facilitating the formation of the government as much as me and claims that I’m obstructing because I want the foreign affairs portfolio are baseless,” Bassil declared.

“The government is being formed by the PM-designate in consultation and agreement with the President and we are giving our opinion like the rest of the blocs.”

“The current plan is the formation of a government that can prevent the collapse,” he said.

Bassil admits that he has no friends but many enemies

” I have no friends left ” he said and claimed it is because he is against the “system” in the country

”  I have many enemies inside and outside the country” he added and denied any role in the corruption

Bassil was singled out by the anti government protesters as the most reviled politician in Lebanon l The most popular slogan which united the protestors so far is “All of them means all of them”. For the first time, the Lebanese people united in protest against all politicians undivided by parties or a favourite politician.

According to an opinion poll conducted by the independent media outlet Raseef22, the majority of protesters thought Bassil is “sa’eel”, which translates to “obnoxious”.

One slogan of the anti government protester in particular swept the country: It goes – “hela hela ho Gebran Bassil… k*** emmo“, the second part being the crudest swear word possible in local dialect.

Many blame Hezbollah and his father-in-law president Michel Aoun for his behavior , since he is not an influential person . According to analysts, his authority is dependent on both Hezbollah and Aoun who is allied with the Iranian backed militant group . He twice lost in the general elections as a candidate for Batroun, his home town, even though the law was manipulated to suit him. He was supported and rewarded by Hezbollah more than any other politician. 

One analyst. told Ya Libnan

“Bassil does the dirty work for Hezbollah and Aoun”