Geagea : Officials seem to be living ‘on another planet’


geageaLebanese Forces chief Samir Geagea blasted  the country’s political leaders on Friday by saying they  seem to be living “on another planet,” and hinting that there are no indications that the new government will be formed anytime soon.

Geagea also accused Hezbollah of seeking a government similar to the resigned one by insisting on having its ally Free Patriotic Movement chief Jebran Bassil in it.

The World Bank’s regional director on Friday urged Lebanon to form a new Cabinet “within a week” to prevent further degradation and loss of confidence in its economy.

Prime Minister Saad Hariri resigned his government on Oct. 29 in response to the unprecedented protests which have swept Lebanon starting in the middle of last month but  President Michel Aoun has not yet set a date for consultations with heads of parliamentary blocs who would name a new premier. There appears to be sharp divisions over whether the new Cabinet should be made up of experts only ,  politicians or a mix of the 2 .