2 Journalists of pro Hezbollah newspaper quit over its policy on Lebanon uprising


لبنان ينتفض Lebanon revolts 5.jpgTwo Journalists  of  al-Akhbar newspaper ,  a pro Hezbollah daily  resigned  recently rejecting the paper’s policy with regards to the nationwide protests  that gripped Lebanon since October 17

Mohammed Zbeeb, editor in chief of al-Akhbar newspaper business page, wrote in a tweet on Monday: “I submitted my resignation from al-Akhbar last week to protest the administration’s attitude towards the Revolution.”

The second journalist, Joy Slim, announced her resignation on Facebook last week because of  the paper’s  coverage of the Lebanese revolution.

She wrote: “I submitted my resignation from al-Akhbar after working for five years and a half in the newspaper.”

She added: “The past days were decisive for me, I was disappointed how the paper covered the uprising after working for months (and perhaps years) to provide evidence that it had to happen. As soon as it happened, the newspaper quickly joined the ranks of the counterrevolution, introducing inflammatory plots and rumours.”

In line with Hezbollah’s al Manar the  articles written by the editor-in-chief of al-Akhbar newspaper, Ibrahim al-Amin, considered the October 17 uprising as “suspicious and funded by foreign embassies.” Recently Al Manar has been describing the revolutionaries as bandits.

Hezbollah and Amal thugs attacked  the protesters in Beirut on several occasions . The last attack took place on October 29.  On that same day PM Saad Hariri resigned to meet he demands of the uprising