Roukoz calls for a government of specialists


roukozMP Shamel Roukoz , a retired army general called for a total governmental change stressing that  a new government of specialists must be formed as soon as possible to address the current situation in Lebanon, al-Joumhouria daily reported on Friday.

Since October 17, a people’s uprising has been targeting the Lebanese government and the political class, considered corrupt and incompetent. It has not waned since and continues to sweep across the entire country. This includes southern Lebanon and Bekaa,


Roukoz the son-in-law of President Michel Aoun, said that forming a small government of “specialists is needed to get the country out of the current crisis, address the social situation, and launch an economic renaissance and fight corruption.”

Roukoz added: “Let the President and Prime Minister quickly choose distinctive names to get this going as it should.”

On Thursday, Aoun offered to meet the protesters but the unprecedented protest movement who see him and the entire political class as part of the problem dismissed his offer

“Now there is no state for me, the government is not meeting, and decisions are not taken,” Roukoz said. “A new government can be formed in a matter of days to make a quick and clean change,” he added.

But according to political analysts the protesters may not be exited also  about Roukoz’ suggestion  because they don’t trust any of the politicians in Lebanon



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