Lebanese identity is under threat, says Patriarch Rai


patriarch RaiMaronite Patriarch Bechara Rai said on Friday that the “Lebanese identity is under threat due to the new political situation which violates the Constitution and introduces norms and practices that gradually change Lebanon’s political and social face. ”

“The Lebanese identity is threatened today by the new deteriorating political reality and the stifling socio-economic crisis,” said Rahi
Rai’s comments were made during the the inauguration of the Socio-Economic Forum in Bkirki, where he noted that the Lebanese identity is also threatened by the economic crisis that drives the Lebanese people, mainly the Christians to immigration.

“Violations of the Constitution and introducing new norms are slowly dispeling Lebanon’s image and driving the Lebanese, especially young Christians, to emigrate. Meanwhile, two million displaced and refugees from Syria and Palestine are instituted in Lebanon by a destructive international policy, ” he added.

“Unfortunately, the responsible political group in our state does not pay attention to our youth, but rather closes the horizons of their aspirations and opens the doors wide for emigration. Around 40% of our youth are unemployed,” said the Patriarch.

“Do political officials realize that a nation without educated young people has no future?” Rai asked.



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