Geagea: With a black heart, Bassil is taking us back 50 years with his speeches


geagea 2Lebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea slammed on Sunday the rhetoric of Free Patriotic Movement chief MP Jebran Bassil.

In an interview with Radio Free Lebanon Geagea said in reference to latest cabinet session that was adjourned after the FPM’s ministers arrived late

“Bassil’s obstruction of the cabinet session to achieve narrow partisan interests is a crime against the country,”

The session followed the deadly Qabr Shmoun incident.

“Political tensions can only dissipate with the end of tense rhetoric and with a black heart, Bassil is taking us 50 years back through his speeches,” Geagea added.

“I hope his remarks in the South will not be similar to his remarks in Mt. Lebanon and the North, which obliged us to contain the situation afterwards,” Geagea hoped.

In Kahale Mt Lebanon Bassil reminded the Christians last Sunday  about their suffering in 1840 and in 1960 in their battles against the Druze stressing that in new battles the Christians will have the upper hand . Many Christian leaders attacked his speech as racist and divisive specially since  a reconciliation  agreement was declared in 2001 between the Druze and the Christians when the late Patriarch Sfeir visited  Druze leader Walid Jumblatt at his palace in Mukhtara Mt Lebanon in 2001  to declare  the truce.

Since the 2001 reconciliation  agreement  the Christians  returned to Mt Lebanon

Patriarch Rai declared on Sunday that the reconciliation  agreement between the Druze and the christians should be treated as a treasure and should be preserved