Bassil’s ‘wars’ embarrass president Aoun


aoun-bassilBeirut, Lebanon- Ministerial sources expected that consultations conducted by Prime Minister Saad Hariri would lead to a qualitative leap that would activate government’s work and compensate for the paralysis caused by recent political bickering.

However, the sources told Asharq Al-Awsat that it was still too early to assume that the government situation would be fully restored.

They noted that one cannot build upon the “good intentions” expressed by the head of the Free Patriotic Movement (FPM), Foreign Minister Gebran Bassil, following his recent meeting with Hariri.

The sources added that the good intentions issued by Bassil were not enough unless they were followed by practical steps.

They revealed that the meeting between Aoun and Hariri witnessed “very frank” discussions, adding that the president has requested Bassil to meet with Hariri.

The sources questioned Bassil’s seriousness in changing his behavior and in improving his positions. They also asked whether Aoun was aware of the negative consequences that could result from Bassil’s political wars against the main components of the government, except Hezbollah.

They noted that Bassil’s behavior started to embarrass the president, who has no interest in political instability, nor in giving his son-in-law the freedom to interfere in every aspect of political life, taking advantage of his influence over the state institutions.

Therefore, ministerial sources believe that it is too early to confirm Bassil’s readiness to facilitate the task of the prime minister to lead the country to a safety net, to complete the implementation of government policy statement and to accelerate the implementation of the reforms approved during the CEDRE Conference.

The sources finally asked whether Bassil’s change of behavior, even if belated, would give impetus to the government to implement its commitments locally or internationally, or it was intended to calm the criticism against him temporarily.

Asharq Al-Awsat