Hezbollah’s tunnel between Lebanon and Israel went 22 storeys deep

The inside of a cross-border tunnel which Israel said was dug from Lebanon into Israel, is seen during a media tour organised by the Israeli military near Zar’it in northern Israel, June 3, 2019. REUTERS/Gil Eliyahu

The Israeli army on Monday showed the inside of a sophisticated tunnel passing deep underground from Lebanon into northern Israel, saying it was intended for use by Lebanese Hezbollah militants.

The tunnel was rigged with electrical wiring, fuse boxes and communications equipment. An army spokesman said it began almost a kilometer (mile) away inside Lebanon and reached depths of some 80 meters (265 feet) – about the height of a 22-storey building – as it crossed into Israel, near the town of Zarit.

It came to light earlier this year during an army operation in which a number of attack tunnels dug by Iran-backed Shi’ite Hezbollah were discovered and sealed off, the military said.

Hezbollah’s leader, in response to Israel’s tunnel operation, said in January that his group has been able to enter Israel for years. But he stopped short of acknowledging that the tunnels were the handiwork of Hezbollah, citing the heavily armed group’s policy of “ambiguity” on military matters and a desire to deny Israel a pretext to attack.

Israel and Hezbollah last fought a war in 2006. While they have at times traded blows within Syria and the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights, the Israel-Lebanon border has mostly been quiet.

Israel regards Iran as its biggest foe and Hezbollah as the main threat on its borders. It has waged an increasingly open campaign of military strikes against them both in Syria, where they have fought on the government side in the civil war.




6 responses to “Hezbollah’s tunnel between Lebanon and Israel went 22 storeys deep”

  1. Kris Welter Avatar
    Kris Welter

    So, the zionists complain and whine about Hezbollah tunnels, yet they use military landing boats to sneak saboteurs, spies, and assassins into Lebanon whenever they want to, overfly Lebanon with impunity, bomb targets in Lebanon and Syria whenever they desire, and point to every policy of either country that is not kissing their butt as being “anti-semitic”…. Why is it that the whining zionist is always the victim, and everyone else is the perpetrator? Hypocrisy abounds.

    1. Niemals Avatar

      Kris, why don’t you use the right term “Jews” instead of the washed-out Zionists, which also includes Christian Zionists.
      Since when Zionists are “anti-Semitic”….

    2. Hind Abyad Avatar
      Hind Abyad

      “Since when Zionists are “anti-Semitic”…what a genius.. good luck Mr Kris 😉

  2. Kris Welter Avatar
    Kris Welter

    As for why I use the term ‘Zionist’ instead of ‘Jew’…Zionists are not necessarily Jewish, and Jews are not necessarily Zionists. It is the militant Nationalist/Socialist Zionists that are the problem in the Political and military sense, not the Religious Jews. It is important to differentiate between the two, otherwise you paint the innocent with the blood on the hands of the guilty, and NO Muslim does that…ever. Zionism has existed for centuries, and it is strongly backed by CHRISTIAN Zionists aiding their Jewish Zionist co-conspirators. THAT is the problem…not Judaism.

    1. Niemals Avatar

      “It is the militant Nationalist/Socialist Zionists that are the problem in the Political and military sense, not the Religious Jews.” ????❓

      Nice try no militant Jews, just militant Zionists… https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/573a0414efa0275bbe85bad9f61854edf3e4b8afcd2b9bece13b51557daba874.jpg
      “THAT is the problem…not Judaism.”, isn’t that a Jew on this photo? https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/469cbe63b4083ea722a058e55393c371df4c964e701722dcb05ec5fd10ee70ae.jpg

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