Lebanon today: Saturday May 11 Top news


Here are the top stories for Lebanon today:

Former soldiers protested against benefit cuts in downtown Beirut [Mohamed Azakir/Reuters]
Former soldiers protested against benefit cuts in downtown Beirut [Mohamed Azakir/Reuters]

Lebanon veterans cry ‘thieves’ as leaders talk cuts to benefits

Veterans protested outside the Lebanese prime minister’s office in Beirut on Friday against proposed austerity measures which would affect their end-of-services benefits and cut the pension by three percent.

They burned tyres and chanted slogans calling Lebanon‘s leaders “thieves” and claimed they were being made to pay for the failures of “ineffective and corrupt” politicians.

Terry Waite and John McCarthyFormer hostages Terry Waite and John McCarthy on Lebanese soil together for first time since kidnap

They first met in the boot of a car almost 30 years ago. Now Terry Waite and John McCarthy have been reunited on Lebanese soil, sharing a joke about the country’s improved hospitality. On Thursday night, as guests of Lebanon’s ambassador to London, the two men warmly embraced.

lebanon offshore oil, gas blocksLebanon Asks US to Mediate Demarcation of Maritime Border with Israel

Lebanon renewed on Friday its request for US mediation in the demarcation of its maritime border with Israel to protect its rights in its Exclusive Economic Zone. Such a request was initially made during US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s visit to Beirut a few months ago. However, several question marks have been raised on Washington’s ability to carry out that role, and whether it would task Acting US Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs David Satterfiled to complete his mission after several Lebanese officials expressed reservations on dealing with him, accusing him of being biased to Israel.



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