Lebanon today: Monday April 22nd Top news


Here are the top stories for Lebanon today:

Hezbollah parade
Hezbollah parade

U.S. offers $10M reward for financial disruption to Hezbollkuwait airlines plane

The U.S. government on Monday offered a $10 million reward for information leading to a financial disruption to the Lebanese militant group Hezbollah.  U.S. Treasury Department official Marshall Billingslea said Washington, D.C., wants to “hit Hezbollah in the wallet.” Hezbollah, which the United States considers a terror organization, has sent fighters to Syria to support President Bashar al-Assad, and has had growing influence in Lebanon’s government.

Kuwait Airlines’ aircraft nose ‘damaged’ while landing in Beirut airport

The nose of a Kuwait Airways airplane was damaged during landing at Lebanon on Sunday, according to local media reports. However, the Airbus A320 aircraft landed safely at the Rafik Hariri International Airport in Beirut. Flight KU501 was “subject to a collision that is likely to be the result of ice or thunderstorm at 8,000 feet while on the verge of landing” at the airport, leading to “damages in its forefront”, Lebanon’s official National News Agency reported.

Aoun assures the Lebanese that

File Photo: Lebanese President Michel Aoun meets Maronite Patriarch Beshara al-Rahi at the presidential palace. (Dalati & Nohra)
File Photo: Lebanese President Michel Aoun meets Maronite Patriarch Beshara al-Rai at the presidential palace. (Dalati & Nohra)

Aoun assures the people that Lebanon will overcome the economic  crisis

President Michel Aoun assured the Lebanese on Easter Sunday that Lebanon will gradually overcome the “difficult (economic) crisis” .

 “We are going through a crisis, and we hope it will end soon because we don’t have the privilege of time,” Aoun told reporters after a closed meeting  with Maronite Patriarch Beshara al-Rai in Bkirki.“It is a difficult crisis but it in nothing that we can’t overcome. We started with the electricity (plan) and the budget will be finalized soon,” he added. Lebanon is one of the world’s most indebted nations, with public debt estimated at 150 percent of gross domestic product in 2018, according to credit ratings agencies

SriLanka bombingsLebanon  denounce Sri Lanka bombings

Religious leaders in Lebanon denounced the bomb blasts that ripped through churches and luxury hotels in Sri Lanka leaving at least 290 people dead, the National News Agency said on Monday. “Islam prohibits abuse of human life, what happened in Sri Lanka bears the hallmarks of terrorist and criminal aggression against the divine religions which call for respect in dealing with others,” Grand Mufti of the Republic Sheikh Abdul Latif Deryan said.Patriarch Beshara al-Rai emphasized that “the language of violence and hatred does not differentiate between a Muslim and a Christian.



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  1. MaryTPresumptuous Avatar

    And yet, no mention here of what the free press talks about: Corruption of Lebanese Politics by Islamists and foreigners


    1. Kris Welter Avatar
      Kris Welter

      “Islamists”…Pray tell, what is that? Methinks thou painteth with an overly broad brush of bigotry. As for Foreigners, Lebanon is basically a French colony writ small. Until the “Islamists” remove all the “Foreign Interests” there will be no unity in the country. In the mean time, sweet Mary, do you have a plan to rectify the problems, or are you just going to state the obvious?

      1. MaryTPresumptuous Avatar

        Offer the Syrian “refugees” citizenship in Lebanon. Let them stay and integrate them. Their life experience will be a pressure towards marginalizing Hezbollah who they will see as part of the world view that saw it reasonable to depopulate their homeland so to deny them life, liberty, and freedom. Their presence in Lebanon will be a pressure towards returning to the French ideals that once ensured Lebanon was healthy in its diversity instead of self-loathing.

        1. Kris Welter Avatar
          Kris Welter

          Mary, the “French Ideals” are the PROBLEM. Hezbollah is an outgrowth of opposition to FRENCH and Western Imperialism, manifested in the “entitlement mentality” associated not just with Socialism but especially with Zionism. All forms of Socialism, especially egalitarianism associated with Franco-centric Colonialism, are the doppelganger of Middle Eastern or Holy Land cultural identity, morals, and societal structure.

          The FRENCH are the PROBLEM. Get over it….GO AWAY!!!! Hezbollah has been saying that for over 20 years. Why aren’t you listening???

          1. MaryTPresumptuous Avatar

            Because too few seem to willingly (read “without coercion”) embrace political Islam as their best future.

            “Many forms of Government have been tried,
            and will be tried in this world of sin and woe. No one pretends that
            democracy is perfect or all-wise. Indeed it has been said that democracy is the worst form of Government except for all those other forms that have been tried from time to time.”

            The Iranian civil unrest is evidence enough that what you deny Lebanese Persians already understand to be preferred over what Nasrallah keeps pushing

          2. Kris Welter Avatar
            Kris Welter

            There is no such thing as ‘political Islam’. There is only Islam, which covers every facet of societal interaction, from politics to finance to religion. It’s a complete package. No need for secularism or other humanistic forms of government.

          3. there are no such things as “follytical mental masturbation” and “follytical humanitarian catastrophe”?

          4. Kris Welter Avatar
            Kris Welter

            Do you really expect me to take you seriously? You cannot redefine what you do not understand. Stop trying. You only show your ignorance and paranoia when you do so.

          5. I see you are extremely serious expert, is it in any thing? But baby, may be you are definitely stand under equalstanding? We will see it, also how you are not ignorant and not paranoid and not mental masturbator

          6. Kris Welter Avatar
            Kris Welter

            Would you mind telling me what your native language is? Many 9of tyhe words you use are not in proper context, or un-joined where they should be joined, such as your use of ‘may be’ rather than the more common ‘maybe’. It would help me understand the context of your statements a bit better.

            I’m an expert at THINKING…not just accepting the status quo or what the books say, but verifying what is there, researching it’s validity, and taking steps to correct any problems. I’m a problem solver.

            For instance, the speed of the expansion of the Universe is infinite up until the time that Matter fell out of suspension from the Energy field it was ensconced within. Matter is encapsulated energy within it’s own particle form, such as photons, electrons, neutrons, protons, etc. Until the energy burst had expanded to the point of dissolution, Matter was nothing more than Energy…ergo, since Energy state change has zero time lag and infinite speed, the ‘Big Bang’ occured instantly over an area of space in excess of 100 billion light years diameter.

            Also, Gravity is not a ‘pull’ force…it is a differential relationship between the natural positive state repulsive characteristics of all Matter, the positive field potential of the Universe which all matter ‘floats’ within, and other objects which have differing ‘shadowing’ effect on this natural repulsive force. Shadowing causes LESS repulsive force between objects, which results in a seeming ‘attractive’ force compared to the cumulative repulsive force of the Universe. It causes a void of repulsion, which is then filled by the objects coming closer together in order to equalize the differential forces of repulsion and lack of repulsion. This explanation satisfies the observation of ‘expansion’ of the Universe against the incorrect theory of Gravity being an attractive force, rather than a relationship between shadowed space and unshadowed space.

            You see…I THINK.

          7. Very nice, thank You. Please, sorry, English is not my mother language and i am far away from to be professor. I just know we must not think we are diamonds, but also must not think we are cobblestones.
            But please, please, if you are an expert at THINKING, please try to give me definition of… information. I will see how smart are you. But please, no abstractions and metaphors, only in two or better in one word

          8. Kris Welter Avatar
            Kris Welter

            Please define what you mean. Those terms are bogus.

          9. O.k., bit after bit. Follytical is refurbished Political. Mental masturbation is exactly opposite to spiritual fecundation. Humanitarian catastrophe is f.e. islam. Bogus is follytical correctness. Hast du verstanden?

          10. MaryTPresumptuous Avatar

            And so by your calculus, any practising Muslim is inherently treasonous and should be expelled from every country governed by a secular constitution?

          11. Kris Welter Avatar
            Kris Welter

            No, by my calculus you have absolutely no idea what you are talking about, know nothing about Islam, and are just repeating what others say in order to make yourself seem intelligent.

          12. MaryTPresumptuous Avatar

            ..aaah … a JAFKIA then. How disappointing.

        2. Hind Abyad Avatar
          Hind Abyad

          Syrian refugees have a country it’s called Syria!

          “Hundreds of Syrian refugees return home from Lebanon Beirut authorities organize cross-border bus convoy, though most still refuse to return to their country over concerns
          for safety and welfare!

          Fifty thousand Syrians returned to Syria from Lebanon this year: official

    2. Niemals Avatar

      The United Nations peacekeeping force in south Lebanon Thursday announced that it had discovered a third tunnel crossing the Blue Line, which demarcates the border between Lebanon and Israel. (The Daily Star)

      This refusal and failure by the Lebanese government to assume sovereignty over Lebanese territory presages a very dangerous future for Lebanon.
      Reminder is necessary; http://disq.us/p/1y7lpe0

    3. Hind Abyad Avatar
      Hind Abyad

      Says the foreigner MaryTPresumptuous •

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